Thanksgiving and the reason for mess

Some people say that you shouldn’t show your “bad side” in public… and there is some wisdom to that.

If you’re doing blogging to become a primary business for your Person, a hobby that you want to turn directly into a profession, then you have to get your brand clear, and make sure to focus on what you want: a clear message, a clear theme.

That is fully advisable, if your business is basically selling yourself, or a person that you personally represent… but it isn’t why I have this blog… it is not mainly commercial… so, for the most part, I leave articles which are rough drafts here, and some mistakes… but even in my for-sale stuff, I leave some things looking rough on purpose (such as the diagrams).


Because, a lot of people suffer from “I can’t”-itus. They try to do something, but then they think “I can’t do that, I’m not good enough, if only I was more —-“.

So, they never try.

I haven’t been that way, but we all can be surrounded by people who were that way, and so I know how common it is. I might not be working as a “motivational speaker” but what I do, instead, is let people know that imperfection is fine.

By modelling it: successful imperfection.

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Re:Zero Review; Updates

This is a quick review of the anime series Re:Zero, aka Starting Life In Another World. Also, updates as to what we have been up to recently.

Okay, so the Anime is a 25-episode series which finished recently. However, the source material is a serialized “light novel” which was later adapted (partially) into manga, with plans for a “visual novel”(VN type videogame) as well. However, all I experienced so far, was the anime.

Without spoiling it, I would say that it is an interesting introduction to the franchise, and possibly the world which the main character finds himself in. The story is very character drive, but not so much on the protagonist, but more on the struggles of adapting to a new world. He goes from being a “NEET” (Not Employed, in Education, nor Training) to being a different type of low-status individual: a stranger in a strange land.

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Writing Actually Is Hard Work, ne?

Writing is actually HARD WORK, ne?

They are two well written articles, written by others, which are worth reading.

Our opinion:

We think both ( Mike Minchin, who defines work as difficult physical labor exclusively and Ruth Carmel, who focuses on the challenge of reaching a good enough standard of output, given scarce, unreliable resources of time and emotional ranges) of you have good points, but the core issue is that invisible work is still work.

The rewriting, whether it occurs mostly in imaginary spaces of the inner mind, or on paper, is indeed the bulk of work; and so is finding the motivation to work, which occurs within the soul, dealing with invisible forces of emotion, duty/obligation, and drive/purpose, amongst other potential complications.

A subject work thinking about, and drawing up your own sysplex-models.

Also, welcome our new guest author, and the resident editor from our ranges of origin.

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

pic-victorRuth Carmel writes in response to Mike Minchin’s guest blog post, “Writing is Not Hard Work”:

I’m in the winter doldrums and the writing is slacking off. More precisely, I’m slacking off it. Too much late night television, forgetting to write down my ideas. At least I have an excuse for the moment. One of my sons has winter vacation, so until school kicks in again, it’s him and me facing the world together.

He’s fifteen but less independent than a typical kid his age, so I’m his buddy these days. We spent this morning at a warehouse store. I knew better than to troll the aisles, which I find headache-inducing even when I’m shopping solo. We stuck to business. After we ordered my son’s eyeglasses (cheaper than at the local optician, with its seasonally-appropriate window displays, but less risky than the hit-or-miss of an online pair), we headed straight…

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