I took some time out to read this short story. (The Five Elements of the Heart and Mind, a futuristic sci-fi story).

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Youthful Essence and Singing

“A child is born innocent and pure. The Essence expressing itself through each child is exceedingly precious.” (from an article on The Antichrist system, Gnosticteachings.org)

The rest of the article is worth reading, but it doesn’t really help to reveal this inborn essence. (So, let me take a whack at it, and see what we can come up with.)


Even the model that we speak of, when we think of youth, is more of “incompetence” than of “precious essence”. Children are innocently ignorant, we think, rather than having any special essence that we ourselves have lost as we grow older.

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Love and Chocolate

Let me expand a bit on some of my more cryptic sayings. In my last reblogging, I said:

“Sometimes people serve to warn you not to let your id-seipherot-time ‘errors overtake your love of life and appreciation for the gentle wealth of growth and development.”

And since then, I came across a simple but profound piece of advice:

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