Re:Zero Review; Updates

This is a quick review of the anime series Re:Zero, aka Starting Life In Another World. Also, updates as to what we have been up to recently.

Okay, so the Anime is a 25-episode series which finished recently. However, the source material is a serialized “light novel” which was later adapted (partially) into manga, with plans for a “visual novel”(VN type videogame) as well. However, all I experienced so far, was the anime.

Without spoiling it, I would say that it is an interesting introduction to the franchise, and possibly the world which the main character finds himself in. The story is very character drive, but not so much on the protagonist, but more on the struggles of adapting to a new world. He goes from being a “NEET” (Not Employed, in Education, nor Training) to being a different type of low-status individual: a stranger in a strange land.

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10 Inspiring Must-See Anime/Manga Series for Chasing Your Dreams

Everyone needs someone to lean on, and sometimes we can use stories to gain or recover inspiration, as well.


Achieving Enlightenment the Otaku Way

Osu!  Greetings, shokun!  Cross-shishou here.  Last time I brought you some precautionary lessons on How to Piss Off Anime & Manga Fans.  I hope with all my heart that you weren’t foolish enough to try any of them.  Today will be a little different from the usual lessons.  I will be providing you with a recommendations list of 10 must-see anime &  manga series that I guarantee will inspire you to chase after your dreams.  I assume that most of you are already on your holiday break and have time to watch some or all of these series, in time to motivate you to chase after your dreams as your New Year Resolution.  Shall we start?  Here we go.  Osu!

10 Inspiring Must-See Anime/Manga Series for Chasing Your Dreams

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Psycho Pass (Review #2) – Pragmatic Philosophy

Psycho Pass;

Pragmatic Philosophy

Telling stories is an important part of human development. It is what allows us to think abstractly, and develop our neo prefrontal coxtices, of “forebrain”. It affects our sense of what is possible, as well as our sense of what is expected.

Spoiler warning: discusses details of season 1 of Psycho Pass.

In episode 3 of seasons 1 Psycho Pass, the story is a one-off case which is presented and solved within a fraction of the episode. The pacing of the episode serves an a great way to demonstrate the correct execution of an educational drama, however. So subtle is the education, this is “edutainment” at its finest.

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Review – Dragon Ball Super, Episode 1

Dragon Ball Super, Episode 1 

Brief overview:

Great episode, even (or especially) for newcomers to the Dragon Ball world of Shenron and Saiyan-Human hybrids, but also for newcomers to anime who want to know what the fuss is all about.

Rambling details….

For those who don’t know, the longest running x most popular anime series of all time, Dragon Ball / Dragon Ball Z / Dragon Ball GT, got refreshed as Dragon Ball Kai and Dragon Ball Super.

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