Beyond Religion

If you are seeing this article, it is because I didn’t get to edit it before the published date. Hopefully, I’ll refine it later but I wrote it all in one sitting and wasn’t fully happy with it.

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Unexpected delays

Well, just as I decided to restart blogging, I had an unexpected Internet outage. On top of that, when I tried to fix a minor problem on my cellular phone,  I lost some contact details. Luckily, I had some backed up the “old fashioned” way, pen and paper, but some apps also had PC counterparts which kept info there.

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Imposed Passivity

So, I have a good habit of attempting to eat at least two hours before I go to bed.

However, I have the bad habit of neglecting to put myself first, so sometimes there is something like a fog of ineffectiveness that is created; that is part of why I started codifying wisdom and working to remind myself of the need to be powerful, in the sense of working from self, to awareness, to concentration, via restfulness.

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Poverty and Prosperity

If you are reading this, then I might be a little bit dead. I’ll be back, but we should all be concerned a bit.

In the past, I did a few articles ahead, so that if I got busy or something, you would still have something to read. However, I fell ill for such a long time that the backlog got exhausted. If you want to know what I’m sick with, it’s poverty. In the modern world, the lack of money is the fruit of the rapacity system, and the cause of great evils. The cure may be prosperity (or “life more abundantly”), but the weird thing is that many people have dedicated what remains of their life to spreading the disease, perhaps out of ignorance.

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