MLP – Health Care vs. Disease Management

A video about how transforming fundamental assumptions are useful for living better. By a medical doctor, and, well presented.

The linked video takes less than 20 minutes to watch in its entirety, but it is worth just seeing the first few minutes, even if you already “know it” intellectually.

With some of the mass media pushing us to model the world as full of danger, it is good to see that they are more and more opportunities as well.

The Power…. ?

As for making the major changes, it depends on the individual, but they are guidelines available for almost any change, nowadays.

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Sunday Funnies

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They are many media for transmitting information, just as they are many ways to clean. As an individual, you shouldn’t worry about media changes, as the harder part is closing the communications loop, and getting positive feedback from your happy customers to rise to the surface.

Writing quick reviews might actually be easier for ebooks, but textual books also can point to a blog or something so that people can connect easier to you. They are always snail mail letters, also, so…