Terminator 3 (2003) and modern satire

This is a bit of a rambling essay, based loosely on the existence of “Terminator 3”, and the parallels to human development on Earth. The mostly autonomous drone assault program, linked to a program that is actually called SKYNET, is a related. This essay may touch on many more items.

A long time ago, I watched Terminator and Terminator 2:Judgement Day. By the end of Judgement Day, I had an interesting perspective on systems: they can never be trusted, as without human compassion, everything can become deadly. However, we depend on systems for the upkeep of society. The solution is to not to have less systems, but rather, to have humane systems which treat humans as such.

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Thanksgiving and the reason for mess

Some people say that you shouldn’t show your “bad side” in public… and there is some wisdom to that.

If you’re doing blogging to become a primary business for your Person, a hobby that you want to turn directly into a profession, then you have to get your brand clear, and make sure to focus on what you want: a clear message, a clear theme.

That is fully advisable, if your business is basically selling yourself, or a person that you personally represent… but it isn’t why I have this blog… it is not mainly commercial… so, for the most part, I leave articles which are rough drafts here, and some mistakes… but even in my for-sale stuff, I leave some things looking rough on purpose (such as the diagrams).


Because, a lot of people suffer from “I can’t”-itus. They try to do something, but then they think “I can’t do that, I’m not good enough, if only I was more —-“.

So, they never try.

I haven’t been that way, but we all can be surrounded by people who were that way, and so I know how common it is. I might not be working as a “motivational speaker” but what I do, instead, is let people know that imperfection is fine.

By modelling it: successful imperfection.

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Capitalizing on debt (general idea)

Currently, student loans are a big problem in America, because they are “super debts” which survive personal bankruptcy, and may even impact on the families of those who were coerced into taking the loans. The coercion is debatable, but the whole situation is similar to how the economy of Haiti was depressed for 200 years (until 1995), and the general lack of detached empathy to solve the problem for the “victims” is likely to make the problem last for a longer time than we might anticipate.

However, there is an idea which occurred to me: could and individual or small group form a corporation, buy a personal loan by an issue of bonds, and then assume that debt? Especially in the case of student loans, this would allow refinancing them without needed to either default or be worried about fees.

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MLP – Health Care vs. Disease Management

A video about how transforming fundamental assumptions are useful for living better. By a medical doctor, and, well presented.

The linked video takes less than 20 minutes to watch in its entirety, but it is worth just seeing the first few minutes, even if you already “know it” intellectually.

With some of the mass media pushing us to model the world as full of danger, it is good to see that they are more and more opportunities as well.

The Power…. ?

As for making the major changes, it depends on the individual, but they are guidelines available for almost any change, nowadays.

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Vital Creativity

A while back, I made the somewhat cryptic statement:

Laugh at […] what empty shells have been made out of the Kingdoms of creativity and prosperity that were […] testaments to the adage that crime doesn’t pay.

Not even crime against creativity, which is a vital part of the upwards thrust of the human aggregate spirit, or right-thinking individuals.

Well, re-reading that, the last sentence is a bit dense.

Creativity is a vital part of the upwards thrust of the human aggregate spirit.

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Imposed Passivity

So, I have a good habit of attempting to eat at least two hours before I go to bed.

However, I have the bad habit of neglecting to put myself first, so sometimes there is something like a fog of ineffectiveness that is created; that is part of why I started codifying wisdom and working to remind myself of the need to be powerful, in the sense of working from self, to awareness, to concentration, via restfulness.

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