Terminator 3 (2003) and modern satire

This is a bit of a rambling essay, based loosely on the existence of “Terminator 3”, and the parallels to human development on Earth. The mostly autonomous drone assault program, linked to a program that is actually called SKYNET, is a related. This essay may touch on many more items.

A long time ago, I watched Terminator and Terminator 2:Judgement Day. By the end of Judgement Day, I had an interesting perspective on systems: they can never be trusted, as without human compassion, everything can become deadly. However, we depend on systems for the upkeep of society. The solution is to not to have less systems, but rather, to have humane systems which treat humans as such.

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Quick Review – Heist(2015)

Heist is a 2015, live-action, feature-film / moving picture show (movie, to the un-initiated :P~\ ).

My quick opinion of it, having just watched it: A-Class!

Short Review

Actual imbd link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3276924/

A-class movie, worth watching, perhaps even worth keeping.

I like it much better than a lot of Casino-robbery themed movies. Although Heist combines elements from some of my favourite movies, in my honest and humble horse-xxxx of an opinion, Heist (2015) does these elements better, and is more than the summary of its parts.

If you haven’t yet, go see it and let me know what you think afterwards, regardless.

If you read further, expect FULL SPOILERS, although I will try not to ruin it.

These are some of the things you can expect from the movie:

  • A bus ride which cannot stop. Done in Speed, back in 1994, but I like this one better, as it was part of a bigger whole and by the end of the movie, reveals the mastermind-ness (not a word, but fore-planning and foresight are too big for me to spell properly) of major characters
  • Al Pachino Law: gangsters protect under-aged youth / children. Coined from the character Al Pacino in the motion picture Scarface, and an H added to show a covenant with life. Mentioned on the actor-of-Max-‘s commentary track on the DVD Pi (the black and white independent motion picture film production of 1998).
  • Really good cops and really bad cops
  • Stealing from a Casino, which was done in Ocean’s Eleven and such, but I found those types of motion picture productions to be generally boring and uninterestingly unrealistic. This one (Heist) was paced better, so I could easy suspend my disbelief, and get drawn into the unfolding drama.
  • Lack of knowledge leads to crime. He could have joined a credit union and easily gotten the money that way, if he had joined at least three months ago, and he had years as his daughter’s condition was well known and his drop in potential revenue from “going straight” was also a good time to improve his “financial intelligence“. Don’t let that happen to you. Join a credit union and read up on how to leverage time into massive money, and stuff that is useful to you.
  • Good use of flashbacks
  • Casinos as money laundering fronts (this doesn’t happen any-more since banks are all run by gansters or nerds against gansters); high accountants launder money using virtual structures (shell corporations, offshore accounts, and such like).
  • Typical action stuff: shooting, high speed chases, crashes, fighting one on one with knives, barehanded, armed versus unarmed, and so forth. All great scenes!

Update / mundane notes:

I was setting up a Linux Mint box when I did the first post, and somehow the link to the Linux Mint page was put as the URL for Heist. Sorry about that, this blog is a work in open alpha :P~~.

(imdb entry for Heist(2015) <— actually to Linux Mint, a super-set of Ubuntu which I highly recommend, it feels more fun and responsive so far, easier to use, less orange impositions).