the Renewed Bajan13K

I wrote a blog post about the renewed Bajan13K, back when I wasn’t sure what direction to go into.

the Classic Bajan13K

The Bajan Thirteen K consists of six branches:

  1. Kindness
  2. Ken (assertive, rising spirit) Ta (h) Ro (h)
  3. Kingdom set
  4. Kool realms of role flow (work, play, acting, experiment, simulation)
  5. Kikaku’n (projects for profit)
  6. Keys

Oh, sorry, I really meant five branches. Really. There is no sixth branch. Not hiding any secrets or anything. Like any good time lord, I always tell the truth! Wink.


Kindness is both a virtue of correct thinking human beings, and a characteristics of “decade trees” which are necessary to translating immortals into mortal worlds. With sufficient human kindness, we could finally get to the business of ending worldwide suffering. Without it, “sky-net” (princes of the air) and its matrices will continue to win.


My common Japanese personal name is actually based on a combination of factors.

Ken, in the sense of fighting spirit, is well known as the embodiment of second-order Japanese capabilities. In street fighter lore, Ken searches deeply and accepts that his American-based Karate skills will only be bested by training with Japanese masters. He pushes himself despite having the advantages of the princes under the earth.

Kingdom set

In dealing with other entities, we have to see not only the intrinsic kingship of upright, standing human beings, but the the kingdoms represented by sub-cultures, geo-nations, virtual neo-kingdoms, and so forth.

Kool realms of role flow

(work, play, acting, experiment, simulation)

Projects for Profit

Japanese is a formal, well known language. Of course, everything used by humans must differ from that which is used by machines, as humans generate novelty. What is defined rigidly by dictionaries, is just the foundation, for what is done in practice.

Within the Bajan13K, thus, we speak and write in a superset of Bajan (which is itself a superset of English) and Japanese.

Since we are comprised, at the core, of powerful beings, we devote most of our resources to kikaku-men, or kikaku’n (the plural of “projects”, but plurals are not much of a Japanese concept, hence the ‘n ending to pluralize a thing “roughly” or “scruffily”, derived more from the Chinese suffix).

We “try a ting” which seems profitable.

In reality, with the right attitude, all investments of time are always profitable, in many ways. However, we live in a generation, or age, or decaying demi-decade,  which supports hierarchies rather than independence. So, all forms of profit are being stolen by ravens of the anti-life wrath-based malicious generators of deception, and deceptive, draining icons.

This will be updated later, and it just a rough draft.





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