This is the current, of Great Bajan13K [1].

This blog may be used to post retrospectives, as well and updates on various ongoing projects.

If you have lost contact with me, or one of my close cousins, then this is also a good way to reach us.

For example, If anyone is also looking for Prime Granithor [4],  has become a bonafide member of the great-yet-humble transcendental nation (t’N) of Bajan13K [1].

Every personitte (i.e. sliver of a Personality) requires time, space, and definition (the-ness) to become great and full, and even, fulfilled.

Within the rare wealth of the Bajan13K [5], we give (well, sell) you the tools to super actualize, to leverage ancient and modern wisdoms to develop your own, resident, intelligence.

It is almost 2016, and I have been gradually updating more, but they is not yet sufficient time/staff/revenue to commit to a fixed schedule. So updates will largely continue to be unpredictable.

Hopefully, however, in 2016, the business will be the business.

We shall need to “fail upwards” from 2016.


  1. Great Bajan13K: a neo-national kingdom of directors and such. The name was coined years ago by a fan of the Bajan13K YouTube site, before the reformation of YouTube into a network-like channel-base floss-fest.
  2. The previous blog is the livejournal site, and we also experimented for a while with blogger.
  3. Making up words may be the key to surviving when law is lawless. [ Adapted from a combination of Jim Sterling’s take on the TPP and  some Gorillaz song, I think. ].
  4. aka Former Overlord Granitor, Lord Granithor, and The May of Granite Kastle.
  5. neo-commonwealth, a wealth of people.

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