Terminator 3 (2003) and modern satire

This is a bit of a rambling essay, based loosely on the existence of “Terminator 3”, and the parallels to human development on Earth. The mostly autonomous drone assault program, linked to a program that is actually called SKYNET, is a related. This essay may touch on many more items.

A long time ago, I watched Terminator and Terminator 2:Judgement Day. By the end of Judgement Day, I had an interesting perspective on systems: they can never be trusted, as without human compassion, everything can become deadly. However, we depend on systems for the upkeep of society. The solution is to not to have less systems, but rather, to have humane systems which treat humans as such.

To give a modern day example, consider prison in Norway. It hardly seems like a prison, to outsiders, but it does the best job that a prison can do: moves people away from society, and allows them to return when they have paid their debt. Humans, currently, created and managed that system, so humans can do it now, if there is the intention, vision, and whatever else goes into making a principle into practice.

Another example of this, is the banking system of Japan. It is comprises of parallel domestic banks, and international bank, an international currency, and a central banking system which promotes local growth and export oriented activities. As a result, Japan exports about 30% of its GDP, and also has some of the safest streets in the world, even in busiest places.

Granted, this isn’t the story that is told about Japan’s economy, but we should never listen to economist, because they are mostly ignorant, and the few that are not, well, the imbalanced system will take care of them sooner or later, because the world economic system is based directly on an indirect form of slavery which was perfected during the 1795-1995 suppression of Haiti.

This isn’t the story that is told. Rather, we talk about the French Revolution, and not the Haitian suppression. Yet, they are one and the same. Student loans, inflated housing prices, the Hollywood dating game, and subsistence level wages are here to stay, and in general, they will continue to cause suffering without repeal for the same fact that they have been proven to be long-term sustainable, and they will be sustained by the powers that be.

It could have been different. Terminator 2 repeats the motto, “no fate but what you make”. It makes the promise that advanced devices can be used for the support of humanity, and we can make decisions which will lead to making life more enjoyable for everyone…. but warns that the destruction of the world is the “logical” thing that any dis-compassionate, fully rational system would take. Humans do make the difference.

Humans with authority to design systems in a humane way do make the difference.

Humans trapped within an inhumane system will almost always act in an inhumane manner.

Within Terminator 2, there is a sexist rant that men create war, and thus, the world is better off, by implication, if men do not create more war. Yet, this is not borne out in Terminator 3, where the main antagonist is female, and quite capable of not only waging a single-sided war against humanity, but also more easily able to do this due to social biases which allow women to go undetected. The take away: gender is not important to peace, and you cannot judge superficially.

Indeed, Terminator 1 and 2 both important points about superficial bias. The inhumane system wanted to kill the future leader of the resistance before his teenage years, and nowadays, we give most of the authority to developing human beings to systems which are designed to create compliant “humanoids”, instead.

Yet, the key thing about Terminator 3, which came out in 2003, is that “Judgement Day”, when machines take over from humanity and work on destroying it, had become inevitable. In 2002, the real-life drone program began, based on the same “military-industrial complex” which hides in the depths of American, but is neither sanctioned by the majority, nor even subject to any sort of proper oversight.

The first person killed by a drone, actually, was “the right height”, and taken to be “an appropriate target”. It was not, as they had hoped, actually Osama Bin Laden, but thanks to that strike, and those that continue to this day, in places like Pakistan and Yemen, the brand of America has not been synonymous with Pepsi and Superman any more, but with lethal bullying.

Art may inspire positive chanced, but apparently, the hubris of the “deep state”, and the power to distract from their actions, continues to create asymmetrical wars and suffering, in an cycles which will not lead to the end of the world, but simply, cause the end of hope for a new world order based on the American brand.

So, what is my point here? That the “new age”, the “new world order”, they won’t come from following those type of movements… but neither will they come from the “love and light” school. We do need love, and we do need light, but love in the fulfilment of the emotion leads to sovereignty on all levels: personal, professional, temporal, and private.

Notice that I did not speak of sovereignty of identity, nor of freedom. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, but you can’t become royalty by listening to Lorde telling you that “we” will never be Royals, whilst collecting royalties from you listening. The glitter of easily digested slogans is necessary to motivate the masses, but the ghost within is necessary to develop sovereignty.

Life is a gift, but any society can be a hell if it is robbed of sovereignty, and the problem with the depletion of the American brand is not solely and American problem, but rather, is is an intentional set-up because the powers that be have set America to take the fall for their own destructive motions.  This could have been avoided, just as Haiti could have been respected as a free country, but neither happened because of a related tendency for imposition to substitute for inspiration.

They are no simple “solutions” because this is not a “problem”, it is a system. It is driven by a mythology, and not a philosophy of comprehension and aspiration to really create wealth. There will be no collapse in the common sense of it, no real declared war. Rather, a focus on peace-keeping and altruism will continue to hide the core problems, because humans cannot go beyond system boundaries, unless they are regenerated into beings. Not by any hidden process, but rather, but the simple manner of honesty.

These systems do not serve the good of humanity, but they do serve for the creation of greater suffering. To the end of peace, to the ‘glory’ not of war, but of wrath, and the prevention of inner peace, and other prosperity.

Having no connection to politics or religion, I can speak freely about this… because there is no masses that I must please, no master that I must serve, but yet, by staying silent, even if speaking will do nothing, I am not being honest with myself… these systems are ineffective, by any measure, at doing anything other than causing unnecessary harm.

In my youth, I spoke a bit with peers, with older people, and I read a bit… but very soon, I stopped speaking, I stopped reading, and I started thinking… and it is because of thinking, that I became convinced that there was something wrong with every system, by intention, and not by accident.

So, not that I have had a chance to read more widely, I can tell you this: the world will never be united under one formal government, but the world is already sacrificed the the pursuit of things, and the application of usury, not for gain, but for spite.

There is a lot that each individual can do about it, provided that they choose sovereignty and work globally. Usury prevents this… to build an ark to save yourself is the first priority, but of course most people will tell you that you have an obligation to work locally first.

Don’t take that too literally. Yes, you need to work with what you have, but you need to multiply what you have and have “unreasonable expectations” of your own capabilities. To develop, you will have to take extra-ordinary measures, which may mean thinking different, and putting professional development before personal development.

To this end, lots of books have already been written, but sufficient companies have not been built, and thus, we tend to have an over-abundance of potential profit that is simply being ignored because we think about life as if we have peace, they are no threats, and the biggest problems is some politician or the “job market”.

The so-called job market can only exist if companies exist and are growing. Yet, building a company is not what most people have trained for… so most companies will fail at first, and most people will give up and subsist within a company rather than forming their own. This means that any growth-capable company which you found can rely on people who want a part-time job.

So, those are the general guidelines. Some of your fate can be crafted, some of your destiny can be pre-empted. It requires extra effort, but not the type of hard effort which is based on overwork, the type of hard effort which is involved in public speaking (but not, necessarily, public speaking itself). It is hard to stand out, take a risk, and take setbacks as the lessons to build systems, rather than as signals to give up or to work more compulsively.

Yet, in this day and age, when we are in a hurry, the only way to get to where we need to be is to move along a curve which seems slow but is more true to the fields of work, and in a time when you must be in an ark then conventional economics, managing a house which will be flooded with usury anyhow, goes out the window.

First draft: Sun. 16th April, 2017.

TODO: update with various links to the various things mentioned.




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