Thanksgiving and the reason for mess

Some people say that you shouldn’t show your “bad side” in public… and there is some wisdom to that.

If you’re doing blogging to become a primary business for your Person, a hobby that you want to turn directly into a profession, then you have to get your brand clear, and make sure to focus on what you want: a clear message, a clear theme.

That is fully advisable, if your business is basically selling yourself, or a person that you personally represent… but it isn’t why I have this blog… it is not mainly commercial… so, for the most part, I leave articles which are rough drafts here, and some mistakes… but even in my for-sale stuff, I leave some things looking rough on purpose (such as the diagrams).


Because, a lot of people suffer from “I can’t”-itus. They try to do something, but then they think “I can’t do that, I’m not good enough, if only I was more —-“.

So, they never try.

I haven’t been that way, but we all can be surrounded by people who were that way, and so I know how common it is. I might not be working as a “motivational speaker” but what I do, instead, is let people know that imperfection is fine.

By modelling it: successful imperfection.

You can make mistakes, and still make it in life, even in business… but it is more important to make something you want to make, than to make something perfectly, or, perhaps worse, to make what you are told to make.

[ For a related perspective, check out this article I came across about developing a more comprehensive definition of success. ]

In a case where you are a robot working in a factory, yes, you have to do as you are told… but you want to do that, because you signed a contract… you literally signed up for it. You may not have other viable options, but protest in the appropriate way.

So, for that is not what I mean. You should fulfil your contracts.

What I mean is that, in life… in places where you have the freedom to be human, and also, especially, in expression.

Writing well is hard, and I am not perfect at it… but I do hope to be prolific at it, and to continue to give people an opportunity to benefit from my insights, in one way or another.

If I deleted all of the mistakes, and hid all of the problems, then on a subconscious level, you would think that I am super-human in a literal sense, that I am “this Persona”…  I am not, but this Persona is the product of the same type of imperfect human that you are.

Every project takes more work that you might think, but it is very rewarding to do work that you are competent at, and double rewarding to successfully sell it, and triple rewarding to get feedback (in my case, whether praise or criticism, because I learn from both).

Having said that, there is a sense in which you can be perfect: you can become consummated as a human being. That is something that I have difficulty both describing and maintaining, but, it is nonetheless within human grasp. The modern meaning is closer to “peaceful of mind”.

It is possible to lose that peace of mind; even in that consummated state, functional mistakes can happen; but the joy of living in that state continually is worth rising into. That’ll be covered in my next booklet, which if all goes well will be out before the end of the year.

This is Thanksgiving in some places… but I try to give thanks continually, and show it out… and many time I don’t fully achieve that, so I will double up on that.

It is not easy to maintain that mind whilst looking at society through conventional eyes.In fact, I would say that the divisions of society force us to omit vital information.

The drive to sell, sell, sell, and do more, be more, is relentless.

We push ourselves, and nobody knows how much we do, and how hard it is for us. It always looks easy to outsiders, and it always seems like people want more than we can give. To get caught up in that type of delusion is the only real failure.

By being thankful, you can break that momentum… so these type of seasons are helpful. They force us to reflect.

They can also help us to construct, because once you realise how much you have to be thankful for, not only do you want to express it, but you also want to give others more to be thankful for.

Anyhow, I forced this out to make it in time, rather than my usual messages which are posted about a week ahead. Happy Holiday, and in being thankful, also remember to be comfortable with imperfection.


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