Re:Zero Review; Updates

This is a quick review of the anime series Re:Zero, aka Starting Life In Another World. Also, updates as to what we have been up to recently.

Okay, so the Anime is a 25-episode series which finished recently. However, the source material is a serialized “light novel” which was later adapted (partially) into manga, with plans for a “visual novel”(VN type videogame) as well. However, all I experienced so far, was the anime.

Without spoiling it, I would say that it is an interesting introduction to the franchise, and possibly the world which the main character finds himself in. The story is very character drive, but not so much on the protagonist, but more on the struggles of adapting to a new world. He goes from being a “NEET” (Not Employed, in Education, nor Training) to being a different type of low-status individual: a stranger in a strange land.

Unlike the novel by the same name (Stranger in a Strange Land), he didn’t have any special wisdom or abilities from his other world. He didn’t start a cult or become a charismatic leader, but instead struggled to simply survive.

He does have a few specific abilities, or potential abilities, due to the situation. Some of them are revealed as the plot unfolds, but I would say, for example, that his cell phone is mistaken as a magical item, and this allows him to use it for negotiations (e.g. offering to trade it for a lot of money as a rare magic item, just a some people might collect antiques or mint editions of old videogames, nowadays).

Well, the main “gimmick” of the story is not what kept me watching. It was the fact that the main character was facing deep emotional turmoil as a result of weakness, and despite having some potential advantages, it was always a case of not knowing what would work or not. Yet, perseverance and increasing skills in negotiation, planning, and strategy, created some progress.

The anime leaves some important points unsaid, which I expect are explained in the source media. So I feel, after watching the anime, that I would like to take a read at the light novels. Whether I actually will or not, only time will tell.

So, in summary…. well, let me think about that some more. The things I greatly enjoyed about the anime, were not what I mentioned above. For example, I enjoyed anticipating how the next episode would resolve or progress a situation, but on the other hand, the pacing seemed slightly off at a few times. Nothing was bad, though. Nothing broken.

The end was abrupt, but I expect that will be rectified by either future anime, or just by reading the light novels.


Speaking of time, I have been dealing with my own struggles recently. In a manner which I could only confess has not been very time-efficient, nor even very effective at overcoming them. Still, I have hope and believe my general track is correct.

For now, I need to rest a bit from … most things… so, won’t be able to update the previous posts nor do much more new ones for a while. However, if all goes well, we would release more booklets and such, instead.

After all, it is my philosophy that producing small things for wider sale is an important part of the development of every adult in the current orientation of the world, and I would be a bit of a hypocrite if I didn’t try easier to do that, myself.

Drafted Sat. 1st Oct. 2016. Updated for public: ??? .


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