MLP – Health Care vs. Disease Management

A video about how transforming fundamental assumptions are useful for living better. By a medical doctor, and, well presented.

The linked video takes less than 20 minutes to watch in its entirety, but it is worth just seeing the first few minutes, even if you already “know it” intellectually.

With some of the mass media pushing us to model the world as full of danger, it is good to see that they are more and more opportunities as well.

The Power…. ?

As for making the major changes, it depends on the individual, but they are guidelines available for almost any change, nowadays.

Taking time to know, not only your historical, socially-based self, but also your ambitious self, your aspirations, and nurture them into their closest physical approximation, is something that requires time set aside for that, to both initiate and maintain.

Videos like this, however, can help remind you that it is critical, and put more flesh on the bones (framework) of building a sustainable better lifestyle (however you define better).


Some people have gained enough fortune, that they can now choose freely what to do with their life. They can consider options, and work towards them, without worrying too much about the intervention of either intentional malice, or accidents of location.

However, most people do not have such fortune. Those who attained it, did seek it, but it seems to me that only a small percentage of people do find it. Much greater percentages are simply not afforded the rights, privileges, and opportunities, which they need to find such fortune.

So, although in the video the host says that “the universe supports…”, it is not, in my experience and opinion, true, for the majority of people.

There is some support and assistance that appears when we choose to foster major changes into being; and it is certainly worthwhile to change the way you work, if you can, and it causes you overwhelming stress. Many people who can read this, can also make changes… but I will not assume that everyone who reads this can make the changes they would like, nor that everyone in the world, currently, can make the changes which they would like.

There may be a cost to many things, and sometimes the decision to avoid paying that cost is made, not because people do not want to change, or cannot change, but because their subjective environment: what they have actual access to, does not allow them to make the changes that others do.

Having said that, it is still worthwhile to start with ideals, and work backwards to how closely we can approximate them in reality. Often times, our practical plans yield better results than we expected, when put into practice, but we can only reach them by considering both the desires (or ambitions) we have, and how to implement them within social reality, and working to accomplish either a compromise or something better (a positive synergy, multiple sets of useful results).

In many cases, however, people are forced to compromise … and this trend is a legacy that is hidden by simple language which assumes that the world is fair, and that simple things are true because they are popular and seem attractive.

Some true things are complex, and irreducibly so. This does not make them false, complicated, or useless.



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