Vital Creativity

A while back, I made the somewhat cryptic statement:

Laugh at […] what empty shells have been made out of the Kingdoms of creativity and prosperity that were […] testaments to the adage that crime doesn’t pay.

Not even crime against creativity, which is a vital part of the upwards thrust of the human aggregate spirit, or right-thinking individuals.

Well, re-reading that, the last sentence is a bit dense.

Creativity is a vital part of the upwards thrust of the human aggregate spirit.

That is, humanity is uplifted by the creativity of each human being, not only in substance, but immediately as humans choose to be creative (rather than destruction, critical, or oppressive, for example).

Creativity is also a capacity of all “right-thinking” individuals. Not just people who view themselves as creative: artists and authors, for example, but anyone who generates concepts into designs.

This creativity can be inhibited, or muted, by environments with intrinsic characteristic to inhibit creativity. The history of the past few hundred years, has mostly about an intentional changing of language, and organizations, such that they become hostile to creativity.

The concept of “critical thinking”, I would rephrase as “useful modelling and decision guiding”, for the final aim is not to criticise, but rather, to move from a viewpoint were you are half-blind to a viewpoint where you can see clearly and act effectively. In most cases, the desired effect will not be to produce criticism, but rather, to produce a design to profit from the situation, by some constructive effort.

The focus on “constructive criticism” is a red herring which drops cognition to the level of antagonism and repetition, rather than creative construction of a useful way.

That is the gist of it.


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