Beyond Religion

If you are seeing this article, it is because I didn’t get to edit it before the published date. Hopefully, I’ll refine it later but I wrote it all in one sitting and wasn’t fully happy with it.

So, I came across a rather good translation/interpretation of some of the Gnostic Gospels (Thomas and … something else), and even as I’m typing this, someone is once again calling me religious for talking about prayer and linking to it.

Well, no, I wouldn’t say I’m religious at all… but rather, that I don’t really want to duplicate effort.

I have tried to understand why people don’t actually benefit from scriptures the way I do, as someone who doesn’t follow any religion nor have any faith in most organizations.

Overall, I think the keys is “antagonism addiction”. Get stuck in a loop of proving something wrong, then use data (which might be from a scripture) to “prove” it, and the focus goes to finding more data to fuel the anti-conviction.

Back in 1999 or so, once of those crackpots (using the term endearingly to mean someone who didn’t conform, and my be right, but we’ll never no for sure as it is too much effort to try to find out) called it “Ghost Not”. When I did some more looking, it was also mentioned in a book that I still haven’t bought yet, because I think deeply and read widely, but I don’t actually have a big set of time for reading. Writing is more useful for me.

Plus I have stacks of unread books (at least a dozen) so I restrain my desire to buy the things.

Anyhow, I guess the fact that those books did sell shows that the problem still persists… so, I’ll try to put it simply (and prob. be misunderstood as attacking someone):

The point of scripture, as far as I experience it, is to put your mind in a mode where you are free enough to be creative.

That’s basically it.

Now, it is possible to “come up with ideas” without scripture, of course, and it is possible to be creative without having read a single line of it. However, for people who are surrounded by “lawyers” and such, the bad type of actors who just quote data at you rather than trying to accomplish anything useful, scriptures were created to help creative people to function within that society.

To the lawyers, it is just words, but to the reader, it is a tool to reactivate the abstract -structures of the brain required for creativity, positive pressure of empathy, and all the good things which humanity could always need more of, but some literal follower of data may otherwise prevent from happening.

In the first part of the series, I talked a bit about it. However, I was considering feedback before deciding what to release as the second part.

Perhaps this will be the focus: the power of scripture, aside from conformance to an ideology. Sure, that might make people read scriptures rather than my other booklets, but if it causes world peace overnight, I can just spend more time on the beach. More likely, no matter how much is written, it will be harder to change any part of the world.

Usury and Hope

Also, although I complained about Usury before, and increasing amount of access is being given to funds which would be used to improve the world. Since it is not labour-aggregate-based accumulated value represented as money, but rather, something created with no significant effort, then the projects need not think of it as a burdensome debt, but rather, an investment in the future where everyone has enough funds to change the world, rather than only a few people who likely won’t use it in that way.

However, I’ll say more about that a few years in the future when projects mature. And again, others already wrote about it, but….


One key thing that I disagree with, is the implication that the world will end, and then only certain people will be saved, or something of that sort… that sort of thing sells bibles which people then don’t read, or read out of fear, rather than out of hope… but it isn’t even supported by (my interpretation of) scripture.

As far as I can tell, anyone who really wants to help society, will eventually work with people with the capital and other resources to do so. Every single business feed a social want, even if that want is artificial and causes destruction. It would be possible to have businesses which are so good at filling social wants that there isn’t much room for destruction, and some places on earth do a better job than others, in proportion to how much compassion the rulers and merchants have had for their people and customers.

In other words, if taken to the extreme, the banking system itself would be useful, and has been useful, even without changing it.

In places where mortgages, student loans, and so on have become overbearing, it was because previous generations don’t go far enough in providing alternatives… and focusing on that, rather than waiting to be saved, or for the world the end, is where I strive, and where, it would help for people who are anti-established-religion to strive as well.

Getting stuck on condemning hypocrisy or banking is safe; you don’t risk failing to make a difference, you don’t risk a failed business project; you don’t risk any time; you don’t risk anything really — except hope, which might be small, but it is there. Putting it in an unseen savior, however, is the wrong place. Instead, it belongs in our minds, so we can fertilize it into projects, and give birth to a better world, piece by piece.

I am not blaming people for falling for it, though… or for doing nothing… I fell for it, and I failed so far to do anything especially significant on a wide scale… but I am still trying, still learning, and even if all I can do is share my successes and failures, then I’ll do so, as I can get the words together.




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