Unexpected delays

Well, just as I decided to restart blogging, I had an unexpected Internet outage. On top of that, when I tried to fix a minor problem on my cellular phone,  I lost some contact details. Luckily, I had some backed up the “old fashioned” way, pen and paper, but some apps also had PC counterparts which kept info there.

Still, it made me suddenly aware I spend very little time intentionally keeping most contacts alive. Don’t seem like me, I am very friendly. Although not as much as Casper, eh?

It was totally weird but I made the most of it.

Unfortunately, it interrupted a lot of projects… and it didn’t need to, if I had planned ahead better, or made different decisions. What it reminded me of, overall, is that I have a very faint actual drive towards both myself and my missions to share my “wealth” with humanity. This is strange, though, because I see myself as quite passionate.

When I looked deeper, it was because there is a timing to everything, waves of events, and now, there is a wave which I should be riding which I can’t even describe in vision easily….

However, now is not the time to go into those details. If all goes well, I’ll build up a set of articles and let them post ever so often. Currently, I’m thinking every Wednesday. I write fast, but I make a lot of mistakes and most times, I actually take three days to write each article. Like, three separate days, not three shifts of a full working day. So fifteen minutes one day, three hours another day, half an hour another day, type of thing.

In the interest in keeping my time budget under control, before I plan out harder projects, I might keep some sort of time log. I have been doing it one and off, which is somewhat useless for budgeting but was good for waking me up to the fact that my routines don’t really reflect my intention.

Still, judging from TED talks, this is a problem that all sorts of people have, including those that got enough success at mammon’s system to be at TED talks in the first place, so, it might not be an urgent problem.

Lack of life is an urgent problem, though… unlike my brother, I am not so good at recovering from that, so I’m going to stop writing here and spend some time relaxing and regenerating.



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