Innocence and Actual Acheivement

The once was a man who moved to a new town, without knowing the language. He fell onto some fortune beyond his control, and also lost his clothes, and even his ability to control his basic bodily functions well.

He had to be nurtured back to health, taught how to speak, how to eat, how to walk again.


This is, I suppose, one way of looking at being born into the flesh, in the common world. However, as true and factual as it is for all of us, we really don’t begin our lives when we gain a body. More like, life begins when we gain enough wisdom and self-awarenesses to work towards achievements of our own design.

It is doubtful that anyone can even recall the experiences of being young and without language. Yet, it is at that time that we had perseverance, determination, and optimism that would take any project that we tried as adults to levels beyond our expectations.


The problem lies in using momentum as a substitute for our actual ambitions. We might be trained to speak English, but we don’t have to stop that from letting us move to Germany, if we prefer the culture there.  Lack of a visa or detailed plan to do so, however, might stop us!

In thinking of what to write here, then, I have had a lot of things shake towards the surface of my consciousness. Drawing them out has been beneficial, and I’ve gradually, over the past few years, made better and better use of notebooks (pencil, pen, and paper) to the point where I can scarcely remember when I had trouble settling my mind to do so.

However, that means that I ended up writing in notebooks rather than blogging. Thus, it has been a long time, ne?


Nobody learns to walk or talk in less than a year, no matter how blessed. Even, or perhaps especially, as adults, when neurogenesis (forming new brain structures to learn new things) is harder, and impossible for the typical “productive person” (under-activation of the PNS prevents growth).

Yet, if we are to believe a lot of the gurus, we should be able to transform our lives in a few days by following their prescriptions. This is, actually, correct for those who have the time and money to go to expensive, condensed seminars. They are already in possession of the momentum, and may just need the facilitation of someone to make a slight turn or become aware of a blind spot.

For the rest of the world, however, the problems are not due to a lack of character or perception per se, but a lack of resources and thus capabilities. So the fundamental focus becomes “how can I gain resources which I need?”, rather than “how can I develop the change I want to see in the world?”.

Changing the world, really, is impossible… we don’t even see the vast majority of the world, so how can we change what we cannot see? However, building things within the world is the fundamental activity which answers both questions.

We don’t change the world, we add to it, and thus, everyone becomes more wealthy.

Actual Reality

Words are like bookmarks in the pages of our mind, short-cuts to memory. Sometimes we can remember something that does not exist yet, but for the most part, if we want to build something, we first have to make a detailed, physical plan which represents what we aim towards, and use that as a guide, model, and major point of focus for the building team.

So, in words, they are some things which, no matter how hard I try, I would not be able to say.

Nonetheless, without knowing what else was going on in the world, I took a stab at writing a few things, and at sharing a few things via this new media that we now have access to. This allowed me to meet some very unique people, and learn more of the vastness of the human experience.

I speak here of more than a decade of interacting with the Internet in various forms, not from a singular perspective, but in many ways. However, I also attempted to speak in person to many people, with results which were overall education but not effective at fostering positive results.

The medium makes a difference, because we naturally become more reasonable when we take time to read. After all, reading uses the reasoning ability of out minds, but dealing with society often puts us into a reactive stance.


There is one critical issue, however, which has always bothered me. It takes several forms, and I expect that it may be years before I can fully describe it in diagrams, stories, and maybe other means… but I borrow the descriptions of it from before, “usury”.

It is when someone gives something, but asks for more than they gave in return, and have the social capability to destroy who they trapped in their scheme.

It was usury which almost prevented the rebuilding the city of Jerusalem in the days of Nehemiah, and it is usury that the worldwide, unbalanced, fractional reserve banking system is now based on.

To deal with this, some ambitions people use a “rolling debt” method. Others attempt to stay “underwater”, below the radar of the formal fiscal systems. Others profit as pawns, bishops, or generals within the system, and thus are not too worried about who it disadvantages, as long as their check clears at the end of the month. Still others are oblivious to any damage which it is causing, accepting it as the way that things are.

It is those who are oblivious, the Knights, who tend to write economics books and such. Despite the fact that they can see the parts of the machine, they for the most part do not understand the implications of replacing a monetary system based on agreed value, with a monetary system based solely on usury, and the subsequent creation of stagnation.

Again, my words are not adequate to illustrate it… I suspect that others have adequately addressed the issue in books and scientific papers, but they is a huge backlog of things which I want to read, so I cannot recommend anything specific from experience. (Although the “rolling debt” method is advocated and described in detail in the Rich Dad books; but those methods only work at scale, and they don’t really address the core problem).

Capitalists who have access to circles of “mass capital” can actually just establish banks, and thus literally print money. Some of them, the most widely thinking, will explain that they advocate higher basic wages in order to promote social stability. Others may advocate basic income, as I also may have mentioned before, based on some research projects I did several years ago.

However, the real problem, to me, the source, is the usury. Fractional reserve banking could be balanced, rather than imbalanced. Loans could still carry interest, but it could be mandated to be reducing balance, and the interest value would also be balanced by a flow into the host nation’s treasure in lieu of taxes. This would increase liquidity, make it possible for the loans to be paid in full, and allow for the reduction or even elimination of direct taxes on citizens (remember, high-income people can afford accountants and lawyers to set up structures which allow them to avoid taxes, so taxes only ever affect the poor and middle classes, no matter how much they are aimed at the “rich”).

The thing is, few people are thinking in terms of how to make life better for humans. We react according to training, deal with an environment which is, emotionally, toxic, not so much on the superficial level, but on the deeper level. Defeating that deeper level of toxicity is why I started writing, but there is much more that I have not translated as yet….

History has shown that only new construction can protect against usury, and even then, it is dangerous to the construction crew. Many times, the construction has to be moved, such as to Ephraim or even Samaria, rather than Jerusalem.

Without changing the system, it is still possible to build a haven, but it requires thinking in terms of providing service to humanity more than providing resources to the formal Person who has become trapped within the system. In other words, it would be a haven for visitors, residents, and citizens of that city, rather than a place for a Hermit to avoid the mainstream.

However, the cost to humanity of usury is already unsustainable for humanity, and contrasted with a time when paid service to others, of skilled practitioners, is becoming a profit zone which a few can enjoy, but avoids the shifts and instability to society caused by usury.

Indeed, I haven’t explained it well enough, but I rationalize that it best to say something, even if I cannot put everything into words.


Well, those are parts of some of my more recent thoughts.

Also, I came across at least two other things by the name of “Joy of Thinking”, and related terms seem quite popular. ( e.g. a DVD movie about applied mathematics, and a philosophy book about “fat” thinking rather than “diet philosophy” , and even The Joy of Negative Thinking). On the surface, my series shares nothing with any of them, not even the fast talking guru type who appears to have been at it for years, in one for or another. The concept of non-judgemental gratitude is one which I’ve always attempted to embody and promote, but it is rare.

That isn’t really a problem, but just as Nehemiah spent a few quiet nights taking a survey without telling anyone his plans, and carefully focused on his task single-mindedly, I am actually satisfied with the state of the 5th edition, not only for what it is but more for the studio and relationships that I built on the way to making it that far.

More precisely, I made the hard decisions to be true to myself and develop into the major creative, constructive force in my own life, regardless of the responses of others.

The translations are not my primary work, but now that at least that one booklet exists, I can use it as a short-cut to determine the nature of individuals, and their particular loyalties and ethical standards. Furthermore, it sets a benchmark for how long things will take, which I can use for planning ahead and monitoring projects.

For various reasons, I don’t think I will promote the series which I drafted as “Joy of Thinking” very strongly until at least 2018. In the meantime, they are other projects which I am working on, and like everyone else, I also need to work on building, to deal with the social effects of the strategic usury system. At least, being aware of it, I can assign responsibility to the system rather than one particular aspect or agent of it.

Harmony and Chaos

There may be too much rigidity in many cognitive habits which are nowadays common, but Chaos per se is not the solution. That only causes more problems, or distracts from problems which may be core, and unaddressed. Rather, a certain type of harmony, based on mutual respect and shared hopes, is the way to overcome this.

As fortune would have it, respect is not always mutual, and hope is not always shared. Seeking harmony allows us to realize that, but embracing chaos and motion at the expense of conscious action, tempered by reason and ethical intentions, leads to many problems.

So, rather than recommending any existing system, I generally advise people to develop their own ethics and philosophies, because the process of developing them makes reason strong, intentions clear, and vision precise.

However, it would have been easier and perhaps more lucrative (in the short term) for me to join any of the existing systems, and become a reseller of pop philosophy… but I think, and I have to take it on faith here, that the path that I am on will still be lucrative, and still be of benefit to humanity, and also make my own subjective, day by day lifestyle easier and easier, although they have been some … persecutions …., I have been able to seed profit from each and every one of them, and I am encouraged to see that they are many people who are, in their own way, attempting to encourage more focus on thinking, development of practical intelligence, and growth of awareness.


Wherein I glance up at the clock and realize I have been at this for hours.

Well, this was just a long unplanned essay. For the future, I don’t really plan to post much here, because work continues “behind the scenes”.  Talking to myself in public might be mutually enjoyable, but it is not really the best way for me to be of service to us.

My (day I say “our”, and include the reader in things which make everything better? It seems too pushy to ask for commitment without describing the plan or at least the goals) major projects need more devotion, and the key thing that I am sure of, is that who I am, and what I aspire to do, cannot be fully seen yet. Instead, “who” I adapted to be, under affect, is “what” is commonly accessed.

Nonetheless, as I said, it was enjoyable, and it seem some like reading it also, so I may do it sooner than I expect. Likely, a much shorter post, however.


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