A quick update

Although I have previous had a livejournal blog, and even a blogger blog, I am planning to go forwards with only this wordpress blog. Even if I build a bigger website, as long as wordpress does not radically alter policy, you should be able to contact me here.

As for youtube, I do not expect to be doing new videos until at least 2016, because I will be working on some other things. Sorry about that. If that does change, though, I will announce it here, first.

(This is a draft statement, I will revise it later, and depending on how long that takes, I will have a good baseline for how long everything else will take).

– Kentaro “Bajan13K” Kandle

What I have learnt: without a core, dedicated alliance of active minds, everything takes too long, because the general inertia goes against you, enthusiasm wanes, and your will-power won’t be able to overcome the other five major factors of (constructive) action.

The first draft of this was shelved about two years ago, 2014 sometime, and I only just got around to finding it. It was shelved because I wanted to put in the links to things like youtube and wordpress’s terms of service. Small tasks, but taking time, tedious, and the sort of stuff I could easily delegate if I had an assistant on staff.

Of course, a hobby wouldn’t have a staff, only a profitable business or some other enterprise with fiscal resources, so that’s the rub.



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