Poverty and Prosperity

If you are reading this, then I might be a little bit dead. I’ll be back, but we should all be concerned a bit.

In the past, I did a few articles ahead, so that if I got busy or something, you would still have something to read. However, I fell ill for such a long time that the backlog got exhausted. If you want to know what I’m sick with, it’s poverty. In the modern world, the lack of money is the fruit of the rapacity system, and the cause of great evils. The cure may be prosperity (or “life more abundantly”), but the weird thing is that many people have dedicated what remains of their life to spreading the disease, perhaps out of ignorance.

For those interested in avoiding the disease, or, like me, recovering from co-morbidity such as stress related illness, poor diet, and insufficient health care, I hope to soon make available more ways for us to join each other in contributing to the cure. Part of this is already available, in the two e-book editions of The Joy of Thinking, Part 1: Beyond Bullshit, a Bajan13K booklet. Which can be found various places (4th Ed, 5th Ed) for under $5 USD.

Due to my own hesitation, the other parts and editions will be delayed a while. In the worse case, they would be released gradually over the next two years, but in the best case, next week will see something new released.

This problem will be corrected when I can hire enough staff to stabilize the production process, which is more like a Movie studio than a factory. Sure, you can make some type of animated show by yourself, but it won’t be the quality of a team with special roles, no matter how small the team. If you include the tools necessary as role-workers, then everything that is released publicly takes hundreds of units of effort to make.

However, my attempt to recruit team members so far, has been interesting, in the Chinese proverb sense. This is, of course, within my power to correct (I hope).

I don’t really expect that booklet to make a direct, significant change to my fiscal position, but I do expect that it will help anyone who reads it, and that it is worth a lot more than the asking price. Being brief, you can even print it out, and a DRM-free version is available directly from lulu.

Although I wrote it, I have re-read it several times, and found some different insight each time. This is because the plan on which I wrote it is different from the plan on which we normally live, and in any case, my memory is not necessarily as developed as the scholars who had a five-part education, before such things were restricted to the point that we consider the trivial to be sufficient, normal, and complete.

Regardless of when the other things are released, I don’t really plan to push anything too strongly for a while. The considerations of work-life balance always matter, but in my case, there is ambient noise, cause by poverty, which makes a concept of “balance” moot.

The word “poverty” is not really accurate in all of its senses. However, it is close enough for now. It is rather shocking, to me, how rare the spirit of truth is, nowadays…. which is to say, it is rare for anyone to care about honesty as a fundamental virtue. I have been persecuted by liars, who call me the liar because they don’t accept the truth, in all of its necessary complexity, and it has drained me a lot, because I assumed that they were just in need of information.

No, humanity is, generally, in need of knowledge and virtues, but most of all, virtues. The “knowledge” used to destroy, distract, and accuse is just doing the work of the accuser, and that is part of the warnings of the inspired scribes.

It is difficult for me to keep the skills, the ability, to express virtue, or “great ethics”, resident, alive, and fundamental within my being, but they are both immediate and long term benefits for it. I honestly believe that my life has been enhanced, extended, and protected because of those decisions, and whenever I have harmonized with the main stream to any degree, considering that “the main flow” must be followed, I have paid a high cost for it, both immediately and across a prolonged period of dull wits and missed opportunities.

So, as difficult as it is to abandon both bad habits, and good ways of coping with a bad situation, the solution is simply* to build a better situation. To this end, I thank you all for taking the time to read, and for the various forms of support and feedback, and forbearance, show towards me for the time that we have been interacting.



Building a better situation is not always immediately possible, and cannot be said to be within the realm of reasonable reality, but rather, belongs to the realm of aspiration, ambition, and reason beyond normal reality. Some call it the pursuit of dreams.

In any case, the concept is simple, even if the implementation is rather involved. Fundamentally, the choice to build, to do the work, and to keep hope alive, is simple, but it may be rare for various reasons which have little to do with the particular factors of the individual.


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