MLP – Wellness Wheel

This is just a quick, Mostly Links Post.

The “Wellness wheel” is my name for the 12-part diagram used over at Flowing Zen. He might call it that, not sure.

In T.C.M., the number twelve is significant because they are 12 major meridians.

He may have used that as a guide, not sure… I found it a while ago, started to work with it, and then forgot about it. Since I recently experienced, first a crash, then a fairly rapid recovery, I though I’d start putting the health related stuff together, even if I’m already well enough not to need them immediately. So I added more links to other “health and wellness” related stuff, in comments….

Regarding the draft posts on this block, I have to leave them in the fridge for now. Not even “the back burner”. I’m consciously choosing to procrastinate rather than be a perfectionist, and may do an article about that later (gaudy related commercial website: procrastinate on purpose). but it is yet another thing I started to practice, but neglected and fell into a bad habit.


Two e-book editions of The Joy of Thinking, Part 1: Beyond Bullshit, a Bajan13K booklet can be found various places (4th Ed, 5th Ed,) (Kindle 5td Ed.) (PDF, DRM-Free edition, ~4th Ed) (Nook, 5th Edition) for under $5 USD. If you have one edition, you don’t need the other. It should be on Kindle, Nook, and such, but I haven’t confirmed that yet. Well, I’ve confirmed it is available in many places.

Since they are already at least two, totally different books with a similar title, the next part might have another name, but those are relatively minor issues which I’ll let the publishing department, as it grows, handle.



5 thoughts on “MLP – Wellness Wheel

  1. Ha haaa ….SO …you ‘get’ the ‘Tuning into Om a DIY job’!!!? Just 10 minutes a day …’s very good for BHAM brain ….well it gives it a 10 minute break at least:D:D:D

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