Sickness should be banned from reality.

Really, it should.

Anyhow, despite feeling like I was run over by a bus, train, and three collapsing skyscrapers (the skyscrapers were running vertically), a few minor … things… on this blog were updated.

Also, a slightly better edition of my booklet, “The (Bajan13k) Joy of Thinking, Part 1: Beyond Bullshit” came out like last month, but my thrust is always going onto harder things, so that’s part of the reason why I don’t mention stuff like that much. Thanks also to those who helped with it. I guess I should really put a thanks section in the actual booklet, eh? *wink*

Whilst sick (or, even sicker than I am not, running a slight fever and finding it hard to focus), though, it occurred to me that if I were to be delayed in death whilst they tried to figure out how an immortal such as myself could be within the underworld (Hades’ domain, in my most common mythology), then nobody would even know how much cool stuff I did(*).

So, although I won’t go as far as building tacking “buy now” websites, I will let you all know about the cool stuff that you can buy from me, and also, as I mentioned before, build the business team which is necessary to get anything done.

Giving things away for free is, in a way, the worse way to preserve them. I’m speaking of tangible things now, not energy-only things like love or wisdom, but even then, sustainability requires that there be reciprocation. Goodwill, rather than cash, is the thing that most privilege people require: if you have a (positive) reputation, then people can do business with you, but if you don’t, then you’ll languish obscurely no matter how great your (potential skills), caught in a limbo of obscurity.

So, some authors give away a book or two to get positive goodwill, popularity… but then they focus on making commercial products, because they’ve transformed into a commercial person, with some reputation. They’ve gained mind-share, so it is now viable to risk asking for sales.

I’m not trying to make it as an author of common readable works, so that isn’t my plan… but the problem of how to move from obscure to well known in places where people can afford to buy your products is one that I would like to help others with, including my future self, and my theoretical past self, but not so much my present self.

My present self, just wants to feel alive, and not like the denizens of the underworld are draining my life-gentleness and pragmatic stability.

Ironically, as part of that, I’ve been working a lot less in publicly accessible space. This is because, especially for anything related to the “information technology realms, having the only copy of something on an external platform is like building a house on shifting sands. So, it is good that WordPress lets you download thine data, and even better that it is now viable to back up, at least mostly-text productions like this very cheaply [2].

I haven’t bothered to do that yet, though. As I update things, I’ll hopefully soon, get into that habit, and hopefully soon, recruit the business team necessary to keep the foundation solid enough to weather predictable (e.g. Microsoft’s “upgrades”) and unpredictable (if I had an example, it wouldn’t be predictable, but when geocities went down in the US, is a good example of a platform collapsing with little foresight. It’s still alive in Japan, btw) platform shifts.

It takes money to pay a janitor and shop clerk (or cashier, shelf packer, if you think more up-scale like a supermarket), and those people are necessary by analogy if you want to have a work environment which … um, I forget my point… but rather, like I said previously, I need to form a business team so, assuming I am not buried alive, I’m gonna work on that for as long as it takes and then we will be able to deliver ourselves from the evils of the excessive usury order (which is nothing new; the scale and comprehensiveness may seem wider than before but conceptually this is the same thing either caused or sustained the collapse of an important nexus in past time places).


Cool Stuff

You will have to take my word for it, for now, that I did anything cool, since most of the useful stuff was lost in various ways, but it gives me confidence that I can do even cooler stuff with the tools and facilities now commonly available.

2. Cheap Backups

It used to be that you needed expensive tape drives, or very expensive hard drive units, to safely backup data. Thus, many people, esp. creative technical people, got accustomed to either not having backups, or using mass duplication via sharing as  crude way of preserving their projects.

Nowadays: you can make backups cheaply (like under $10 a month and under an hour a month, by copying stuff onto a CD-R or DVD-R or -RW or something similar, and/or flash drive, and/or offline HDD but I prefer optical media like M-Disc which, whilst more expensive, is also a lot more resilient).

3. Sorry incoherence

I normally write better, but, as much as I love to claim health and vigour, I just don’t have either of either right now. That’s sort of a mystery to me, but I think it is related to the weather, and being underpaid, and working too hard, and not swimming enough.

Mostly, though, not being able to sleep peacefully, enough.

High level discussions with Musen (the plural of “Muse”, in Kengrish) are fixing that.



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