Ritual and Source Restoration

…today’s rambling essay contrasts “Source Restoration” with “resource oriented manipulation”, and touches a bit on rituals.


Empty basis of society

Rituals are not intrinsically bad. Some came about because of smart people working to ensure that problems were not perpetuated. Others came about because of dumb people creating two problems in an attempt to prevent the repetition of the first. I prefer to call the latter, “empty rituals” or “routines, of sacrifice”.

For example, people who have no place in society might become beggars, and then become sick. So we have a ritual of asking people what their place is, and helping them to keep or find a good enough place.

For someone who has no place, and is sick, however; If you try to cure them of the sickness, they may rebel against that improvement, and return to being sick.

This sounds like I’m being harsh on those homeless people who beg for money, but I don’t consider them beggars. They are just people between jobs, and any sane society would help them to get back on their feet.

Rather, I consider politicians to be beggars.

Controlling others has been a long-standing tradition of the animal kingdom. Human beings, however, were able to rise to prosperity with each other, and dominance over animals, by fostering mutual respect for each other. The basis of the trade systems which we clearly depend on to foster construction and maintain major structures, both physical and social, depends on this mutual respect carried into a neutral “place”, the negotiation table (often, not a physical table at all).

A theoretical immortal humanoid would inevitably come to the conclusion that fostering mutual respect was the most important aspect of his interactions with mortals, because even if humans die all to briefly, we can at least make the time that we are alive as good as we can.

However, without the time and reference material to determine how to do things in a way that creates no disadvantages, we could easily create bad habits and hostile attitudes, and thus live more like humanoid animals than human beings.

It may also seem easier to induce a group of people to hate something, that it is to foster true love of something. To foster love, you have to have love as a clear and present reality which is abundant and overflowing.

Such an overflowing love is natural, domesticated animals seem to experience it.

However, it is not a part of the artificial systems which were created to maintain control of the populace. Nor is it present in a death-worshiping style of being busy dying, sacrificing life for the sake of mammon.

Thus, most of human literature and philosophy was written to create a sickness within the common man, which would entice them to be committed to the traditions of imperialism, and even see this is the only way of working.

And I say working, rather than living, because the role of the citizen became “to keep the system going” rather than “to live within the system”. They even glorify sacrifice and risk of life for the sole sake of protecting the system, and integrated members of the system accept that as a fundamental basis of action.


In the days before education was split into five parts, the lower three of which were taught to factory workers, as doctrine, skills, and data processing skills, humanity was developing a system of creating better and better generations, by distilling wisdom, ritual, and benefits of experience into stories which were passed forward.

Nowadays, however, those in the position to communicate to the masses, often blame the youth for problems, or claim that they are sick, rather than reflecting on the plank in their own eye.

Source Restoration

The human spirit can be the source of creativity, construction, and the joy of business based on mutual respect.

However, this source cannot connect to the continual experience of being alive and awake, if they are inhibitions such as anxiety or doubt.

Trying to cure anxiety by attacking others may work in the short term, but that behavior provides a model for those who have no anxiety, but require resources. Politeness shows consideration and respect for others, but if we train people to be impolite, and thus inconsiderate, then they will also not show respect for others.

It goes beyond showing respect, however.

If people can come to a table and negotiate, then enemies can leave as allies.

However, this can only happen if both sides seek mutual respect, above and beyond resources. Resources can still be shared, and if humans restore full awareness, then the justifications for aggression will be replaced by the business of fostering mutual prosperity.

They are many inhibitions to this, which have been intentionally indoctrinated as distractions. For example, most people do not trade directly with each other, but yet share information on where to buy things. This is a carry over from thinking of things as resources, rather than pretty garbage, and an example of how we choose to be Martha rather than Mary, and beggars rather than business men.

If I want to trade with some common person, I often have to do it very indirectly, and in a way that they don’t realize that they are part of a trade. This is because nobody has trained us to do deals, but only to seek opportunities to sell the majority of our time, and spend the majority of our cash, or keeping the system (of totality) animated.

Yet, not alive.




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