Construction and Manifestation


There’s a lot of my mind today, but I don’t have to time to construct all of the articles to represent that. At this point, I think, it would be good for me to learn some new skills and make some new relationships.


In terms of skills, perhaps, mind-mapping.

In terms of relationships, professional ones to help deal with the red tape involved in some of the things I want to build, regaining time and mutual profits.


Manifesting connections is all the rage in the “new age” movement, but it is good that for once the word is something which describes how it works.

A manifest is a list of goods on a ship, and you can wait for your ship to come in, especially if you’ve invested in a project to import or export goods at a profit, but if what you want is something that must be build, and if it must be built by you for some reason (for example, because it is your opinion which needs to be expressed by you, or depends on your unique, subjective references) then rituals of manifestation are not appropriate; the whole process if for something which can be called a commodity, not something unique.

Of course, many people believe humans to be commodities, still… or at least some of them. That type of cognitive error keeps slavery alive and well, both in the obvious physical kind, but also in the less obvious fiscal kind, as was perfected by “the gang of unethical bankers” (banksters if you want to use a cool new word) in the 1795-1995 post-liberation pacification of Haiti, and which caused endless problems in the mythos of the biblical Jews (e.g. the days Nehemiah, when construction of Jerusalem was almost assassinated by usury-loving conventional populace).


In other news, I finally got to the beach, for the first time, earlier on this month. It helped a lot to take a swim and sunbathe a bit.

So, there’s that mundane but perhaps inspiring piece of information…  it is better to rebuild your self-image whilst being physically active, also. At least, according to the professionals at this thing.

More updates sooner.



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