Fourth Edition

Since we, like all growing human beings, fail a lot before we succeed, the Fourth Edition of “Joy of Thinking, Part 1” is still available from lulu, as a PDF, for only $2.99. It looks like you can also get it as an epub, via this link. This should allow you also to get it for electronic readers on other stores, will update after we investigate more. (Reasons to buy are still the same as the Third Edition 😉 )

Comment if you have any problems in the meantime; will update when the next minor revision is out.

Behind the scenes, expanding the business team supporting these projects is the most important thing.

Currently we don’t have the right mix of people, companies, devices, and processes to deliver what we want in a timely manner, but that’s mostly me (Kentaro’s) fault for not focusing on finance and recruiting last year.

Future booklets will come sometime before the end of the year, however. Most likely. It might help if you buy this one, look at these great reasons to do so:

Why buy it now?

  • Less than $3 U.S. Dollars. So you can just do it on impulse because you want to support in some way.
  • This is the third fourth edition, so it has much less minor, annoying errors,
  • It is still worth reading.
  • The more I read it, the more clean and coherent my thinking became. Might work for you, also!
  • How else will you get to know me? It’ll be weeks, if not months or even years before I get around to doing my auto-biography.
  • Did I mention, it is only three dollars?

Main Features

  • Densely populated with precise language
  • Tables to clearly illustrate concepts (sorry, a bit messed up in the .epub version)
  • Diagrams (cost-reduced, the savings are passed onto the customer)
  • Suppressed for over a year by the minions of orthodoxy
  • Useful for helping thinking to reach a higher level than the mainstream is capable of
  • A booklet, rather than a book: crisp in length, allowing for reading in one sitting;
  • yet carefully indexed for reference and reflection.
  • Plenty of re-reading value. The more mature you get, the more you get out of it!

Bonus: Enjoyment!



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