MLP – Something About Vitamin D

I had quietly decided that I would only post about once or twice a week here, so I can work on finishing up some projects that I have been neglecting for  a while, but I somehow came across this information, which seems to be so hastily organized that I almost omitted it as the usual rabble rabble.

It might just be that, but, for no real reason, I’m gonna share it for now, and perhaps someone more qualified can take a look at it. Problems like autism, I didn’t really consider in my youth whilst planning ahead, but it is a problem for a lot of newborns and youngsters… I don’t know whether contaminated vaccines are to blame solely, or at all, but this rant seems to mention some possibly treatments.

Since it is so emotional and far-fetched, I usually just discount these things as “more work needed”, but even if it turns into a dead end, I have noticed that I need to get more sunlight, because if I go for too long without it, then I start to get weak against the Sun… but once reconditioned, it becomes a joy to play with the most powerful force in the life thrusts of nature.

In any cast, here is the video (really, an audio rant): On Youtube, and the write-up site.

Anyhow, it probably isn’t anything to worry about… but Vitamins are important, and it is easy to become deficient in any health thing, take some time daily to restock on vitality.




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