The Renew’d Bajan13K

There is a lot that I would like to do, but I don’t have the resources yet. However, last year, I consolidated my space and set new priorities… so I got a lot more projects done, which mattered to me, than I did in any previous year.

Perhaps it was not the most creative year, however. They were times when I was trying brand new things, but now the new things would be things which other stake for granted: negotiations, contracts, fulfillment.

Not being able to clearly negotiate with people, because they don’t even want to come to the table and discuss things from a position which seeks mutual respect, is a result of living within a continual war culture: everything is a problem to be solved, or an enemy to be pacified.

Bajan13K started as a hobby and I plan to leave it in that class.

However, there is more to life besides hobbies… spend all your time in couch, as a subject, … won’t have any time, energy, or mind space left for business, as an agent of predestination, working by agreement rather than reaction.

I need to make more space for the formation of firm related projects, rather than continue the trend of helping others deal with their intrinsic misery. This is the best kindness I can do, to both myself and the future me who would have more resources to share with everyone.


In day to day, week to week, year to year, decade to decade, socially oriented life, you can only make choices.

However, from the time you aspire to construct something; to implement a constructive project, then the cadence of life is paused, and a new priority takes hold.

There is a danger, because many resist change. Nehemiah is an easily accessible story which illustrates this most precisely, and with the right education, it is an useful guide to succeeding in constructive work.

Opportunities presented to each unique human being, can only be seen by that being. The results of constructing them, can only come if we have resources which are gifted to us, by sympathetic others. The mythology that we do things by our own might, disrespects the wealth we have inherited: directly, indirect, sideways.

Gratitude doesn’t imply obligation. We don’t have a duty to remain sad and ignore the plight of someone we want to save or help, whether that is a whole country or our own selves.


Planning is continual, goalposts are not destinations. Only way-points.

The process of planning creates the attitudes and agreements, with spirit planes, that are necessary for the serendipity of success to occur.

The plans, themselves, are not as important as the time taken to plan, invested in emotional, team consolidation.



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