Joy and Mutual Respect

Playing around with xkcd’s “put words here” thing:

Simplified “Joy of Thinking” redraft

How does thinking work?

Thinking is fun.

To be “non-judgemental” is, perhaps, not the true way to be, of being hear in the now. Rather, to not kill, steal, or remove from being, the other, nor the spirit, of me, the real I, is the true way. This is called, in big words, “non-condmenation“. In other words, accepting things as they are, and using my life stuff for fun, to father “joy” and mother “mutual respect”.

To avoid comparison, to keep joy alive. To avoid worry, to keep mutual respect alive. To avoid delusion, to keep in tune with actual reality, and not common but dead totality. To be not just awake, but aware and pro-self active.

To be happy is to remember the happy stuff which is called “joy”, which is given to us before we are born. Then we forget it, or let the not true stuff which we pay attention to steal, kill, and remove from being, our happy stuff.

So we have to let our happy stuff grow again.

I have to keep my stuff in my world, and your stuff in your world, and a table between us, and we can talk about stuff on the table.

This is called “negotiation” and is the beginning of “mutual respect“.

In fact, it is the way that we have “joy” between us when we are serious, as well as when we have the most fun. We play with each other, even when we are serious, if we remember the table between us. When we jump over the table, that is dis-respect. This makes us both not happy.


Well, I don’t intend to re-write the whole booklet series this way, but it is fun to try to use simple words to express precise, and thus rare, concepts.

For most people don’t want to be rare or different, precise and alive. Double death of sleeping and repeating is good enough to distract most everyone from everything that is the full joy of being alive, human, beings.

Never-mind “them”, though, how do “we” generate more aliveness, and avoid falling asleep?




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