Youthful Essence and Singing

“A child is born innocent and pure. The Essence expressing itself through each child is exceedingly precious.” (from an article on The Antichrist system,

The rest of the article is worth reading, but it doesn’t really help to reveal this inborn essence. (So, let me take a whack at it, and see what we can come up with.)


Even the model that we speak of, when we think of youth, is more of “incompetence” than of “precious essence”. Children are innocently ignorant, we think, rather than having any special essence that we ourselves have lost as we grow older.

Indeed, to grow up, we sometimes lose something important. We gain a position in society, but lose the very essence of being alive, and become somewhat aggressive at ensuring that this problem is never examined.

That is why, as I said earlier, solitude is important. It is only in solitude that we can realize something is missing, and then, regenerate it, and allow the lifeline to be reconnected.

Solitude is hard, though, and so is personal development. It is much more common, although not exactly easier, to follow the common deluge, and numb the feeling of wrongness, or focus on how much more wrong something else is, than to regain the feeling of rightness, and work on being more honest.

Self-development pays off from the time we choose to do it, but the vocabulary for communicating about it is mostly written in silence and poise, rather than words and noise… so it is a bit weird for me to find myself trying to use words to speak about “the way that cannot be spoken of”.

Youthful energy, is related, in my understanding, to seeking mutual respect, the joy of being alive, and all forms of fulfillment. It is also related to nuances of speaking, so even though I am writing in glyphs and characters now, perhaps it mirrors how my song of living is renewed daily… because the truth is, compared to the Sun and other cosmic things, we are all very, very young… and we shouldn’t allow the fact that we have a little time on our belt lead us to destroy the unique essence which we can claim through restful motion.


Perhaps, then, it is better to sing than to type, and the way can be sung about, even if it can be written about… but I would leave it up to you (and myself in the future, as I know I will re-read this perhaps several times) to sing when you read this.

What to sing? Something new.

New to you, from your subjective, loving to be alive, perspective.


Well, that was unexpected. Who ever thought that singing for joy, just for being alive, would come from an essay.



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