So, it is 2016

Happy New Year!

As you may have noticed, it is 2016.

More Happiness in this year!

I barely noticed, as I was busy surviving my new routine of waking up early to do gym, taking naps, and formalizing my neidan techniques (Nen style).

However, I did notice and new years are always good times to start new things. So this year, I’m gonna start doing videos for the Internet. Not all of the Internet, just the part I consider nice enough.

About Nice People

I suppose, though, the un-nice part might watch them too. It would be not nice for me to stop them. After all, if they watch them, they might be inspired to be nice.

I don’t actually try to be nice, just kind, honest, and other ethical things.

Makes it much easier to use hexang hands, and stuff that I may explain in the videos.

Until then, Enjoy Everything.


neidan: Intenal Energy work. Documented in Hunter x Hunter as Nen and Falun Dafa stuff as “great law” or something.

hexang: Angelic hands, which is something Neo-Arghons use to exhibit anagelic powers of six additional “wings” (really active appendages of sub-celestrial invisible semitangible functional channels) that are used for vision, travel, and flight, in three pairs, unrespectively.



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