Review – Dragon Ball Super, Episode 1

Dragon Ball Super, Episode 1 

Brief overview:

Great episode, even (or especially) for newcomers to the Dragon Ball world of Shenron and Saiyan-Human hybrids, but also for newcomers to anime who want to know what the fuss is all about.

Rambling details….

For those who don’t know, the longest running x most popular anime series of all time, Dragon Ball / Dragon Ball Z / Dragon Ball GT, got refreshed as Dragon Ball Kai and Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball Super “fixes” the story line that the “non-canon” Dragon Ball GT messed up, and Kai retells the previous two series all in one, with less dramatic filler and more action.

Or, so I heard. I haven’t watched any significant amount of either.

Until recently, when I watched the first episode of Dragon Ball Super.

It was alright, I guess… technically… but what impressed me was the life lessons interwoven in it. Such as the difference between social power and individual might, or physical capabilities. Goten (Goku’s son) says it best: “I think Chi Chi (Goku’s wife and Goten’s living ancestor) is the strongest.”

Why? Because the social dynamic in their home makes her co-head of the household, and despite being able to fight all sorts of planet-destroying monsters, it is Chi Chi’s opinion that Goku respects as it is, rather than trying to fight it.

Although, in my opinion, Goten is the strongest, because he sees things both as they are, and as they could be. It is Goten, who is likely a preteen at this point, who convinces Goku to swallow his “pride of refusal of gifts” (there’s a word for that, but it is likely Japanese and I don’t recall it yet), and accept the gracious offer which Vegeta rejected.

That offer is to take the “Global Peace Prize” money and set his household up financially. Which is rather important as he’s too busy training to be the protector of the planet, to actually work and earn money… money which Goten needs for education, and Chi Chi needs for cosmetics*.

Or something like that.

In any case, it was a great episode to introduce people to the deeper side of anime, and also, to get them up to speed (somewhat) on the Dragon Ball franchise, which… I am not sure what to call it. We used to call them “Z-Fighters” when Dragon Ball Z was the main series, but now that it is Kai/Super, what to call them? DragonBallists?

Well, I’m sure someone has figured it out, but I’m not gonna worry to ask the Internet right now. This is just my stream of consciousness review.

Keep your hue clear, and enjoy living in the database, with your counteraction rising since you have no time for gimmicks. (Psycho Pass, Log Horizon). A bientot, perhaps even before the new year starts.


Cosmetics for Chi Chi

The episode has a big cosmetics sub-plot. Realistically, living needs such as food, energy (although not sure if they depend on electricity), and social requirement such as clothing and transport are dependent on money as well, but the episode didn’t emphasize them. They hunt for their own food and there is no sense of electricity, gas, or other fuel being delivered; and like most anime, we forget that real people have to do laundry and pay for transportation in some way.

At least, that is what I am saying now, on reflection. Perhaps I’m just sexist and think that women don’t spend money on anything other than cosmetic </sarcasm>.

Seriously, though, after you watch the first episode, the “cosmetic” joke will make a LOT more sense, don’t just the line by real-life assumptions or patterns.



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