Demons Within

If you are have training in healing modalities, such as Reiki, and you come across a man in a gutter, who was beaten by robbers, but he happens to be from the “wrong” race[1], and you cross the road to avoid being annoyed by “the fallen trash”….

…but along comes someone who has no such training, yet they help him out of the gutter, take them to their small apartment, clean their wounds as best they can, and feed them from their own store of food….

Then you haven’t done the best you can, but you have done the best that the demons within you will allow you to do.

The other person, thus, inherits your place in the forward-moving downloads of uprightness, ability, and favor.

This is why people “in the wider worlds” are kind to everyone. Kindness preserves our true wealth, which is “divine favor”. It also preserves resident virtue, and tends to lead to increasing resident intelligence, and positive reputation, and hence actual social status (as opposed to empty, hollow images of social status, such as celebrity/idols have).

Wealthy people are always giving, because that is how we became wealthy in the first place: giving to ourselves, kindness, which overflowed into the soul, and overflowed into the flesh, the sea of blood of the era of judgment, and then aggregate spirit of righteous humanity.

People who hold onto empty riches, are themselves drained by the emptiness, and have not found nor comprehended the place of life, nor the meaning of wealth.



  1. “Race” in the sci-fi (science fiction sub-culture) sense, of sub-cultural past accumulation, which includes dispositions, religion, creed, outlook on life, origin of residence, and other details which are often used to categorize humans into boxes to determine which part of the wetware matrix to put them into.


If you can be kind, then be kind.

If you cannot be kind, then you may need deliverance to become more ugly.


A note from the translation of ancient psalms, meaning (approximately): “Please pause, review, and consider what you have just read.”


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