Love and Chocolate

Let me expand a bit on some of my more cryptic sayings. In my last reblogging, I said:

“Sometimes people serve to warn you not to let your id-seipherot-time ‘errors overtake your love of life and appreciation for the gentle wealth of growth and development.”

And since then, I came across a simple but profound piece of advice:

“…whenever someone walks up to you and says, “I Love You”, buy a chocolate and give it to him or her to split. Give this a deep thought and you will understand what I am trying to say.”

Id-Seipherot-Time is time bound to the shared underworld, the empty riches of the Q-loft, the book of dead trees. It is the trap of looking at the resultant world of cause and effect, ignoring the over-riding inceptions of independent conscious energy which give you subjective experience in the first place.

Putting philosophy aside, the Great Bajan13K (like Great Britian but not quite as great, yet) are also testing out an narrow-cast:

Enjoy Everything!


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