It. Is. So. Big!

I just got a 2o-ish-inch widescreen monitor, 1080p, to use on my desktop. I knew that my 15-incher was small, but because the resolution jumped from the common-class 1,366 x 768 to the high-class HD 1080p[1] , I now feel like I stepped into the future.

Everything reformats to make the icons smaller, making the screen seem even bigger.

I might actually be happy with my purchase.

Granted, not as happy as I was when I got my 1541-II disk drive for my Commodore 64 with a 13″ color Goldstar monitor, which finally let me save computer programs, and thus, move from being some guy who typed in small things to a guy who could actually build a portfolio (albeit one that only I saw and appreciated), but happy in both a different and similar way.

Different in that the technical advancements of this current electronic device actually impress me; not so with the disk drive: I thought it was slow and limited, especially at the time when Flash storage (then called EEPROM) was starting to become consumer-affordable (for really wealthy consumers) and CMD was also pushing out Hard Drives for the Commodore machines (before a key person left the company or something and everything went sideways).

However, with the monitor, I actually am sorta amazed by how many tiny little pixels are in this thing. It is a testament to how far human-machine co-operation can get when you build everything in a pragmatic place like China (it is a ‘merican brand but I know what that means: made in china by the future leaders of applied science techniques, i.e. technology).

Similar in that I now feel hopeful that I can get my grand dreams accomplished.

Also, once thing I learned from the C64 days: business concerns matters much more than geek-kool-ness. People do business, after all. Tools make machines without considering the social effects, esp. the effects on their future.

Which is why I love ARM, but that is another story and you’ll hopefully hear that sooner than even I expect.

Thanks to those people who follow or at least read and liked some of the articles here, I am pleased, albeit surprised, to have been somewhat discovered, since I wasn’t expecting to do much at all with this until next year.

Speaking of which, all the best for 2016… for me, hopefully it will be a more externally productive, and in every way profitable, year than 2012-2015 have been. To that end, I have a bunch of “secret scrolls” that I might tell you about….


1. 1080p is defined as: 1,920 x 1,080 at 60Hz progressive scan. At least, within this article. Not sure how other people do their p-definitions.



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