Psychonauts – The Second Coming

Pyschonauts is a good example of a good product killed by bad distribution and incompetent publishers.

Or incompetent distribution and clueless publishers.

Or something.

However, it resurrected, due to the foresight to have a reversion of right clause, to the creators, and thus, was re-released as is going to be known to even more people now. (Read all about the history and perseverance of the product set and driving creative team on Wikipedia, I guess.)

I think (hear that) you can get it right now, on Steam.

I haven’t played it yet, but the whole story is an example of why the paradigm of “traditional” business (of less than half a century, really)  is being replaced by more ancient and modern stuff.

Someone who get paid for talking should say this all more eloquently and passionately. With videos and audio and possibly thunderbolts.



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