Happy Holidays

Despite my recent rants about Linux, I am enjoying the season, and actually very grateful that Linux and other stuff like it exists. I do wish it was more painless, less unfriendly, and such, but bitching about it, is part of the improvement process, both for those things and for my attitude.

So you can just laugh at those rants… I don’t take my anger to sunset with me.

It’s Independence Day in Barbados on the 30th November, and I’m grateful to live in a country striving towards neo-democratic ideas: the idea of democracy with the reality that unfair monetary systems and asymetrical warfare dominate much of the globe, and stand as a threat to the sustainability of humanity, moreso than natural disasters and such like.

Still, we have a voice, and time… and I hope in some little way to have helped encouraged all of my readers (I’m sorta nervous about actually having readers, suppose I say the wrong thing and one of you jumps off a cliff, survives, and then become a serious person with a grude that you take out on random bloggers that you meet whilst hitchhiking through urban areas?) ….

Enjoy Everything… if it is painful, don’t take that pain with you into tomorrow… if it was traumatic, heal from it as soon a possible…

but don’t repress it or make it worse by ignoring the reality that life is a joke and we are the performers in this comedy.

So laugh at yourself, at life, and at Linux. Especially at Linux.

And Jim F. Sterling, S.

And what empty shells have been made out of the Kingdoms of creativity and prosperity that were once Konami, Electronic Arts, and Essoniq (which was eaten alive by Creative Labs); but are not just testaments to the adage that crime doesn’t pay. Not even crime against creativity, which is a vital part of the upwards thrust of the human aggregate spirit, or right-thinking individuals.





5 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

  1. You see …SEE …I have just cried with laughter at this one …you CANNOT give up ….you’ve so much to say and very funny with it ….I get the impression your brain just goes BHAM!!!:D:D


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