Linux suxks, and always will

Select ok using Tab key and press Enter.

Who in their right mind makes a dialog with only an “OK” button, and you have to first push the [Tab] key, before pressing [Enter] to verify it?

The fact that this kind of stuff happens all the time on Linux, and nobody sees a problem with wasting time on this bullshit, means that you all work for North Korea.

Fucking ‘errorists.

Linux Suxks. That’s right. It doesn’t just suck, it Suxks. I had to invent a fucking word for it. The Suxkser.

And it always will Suxks (it never does it in singular, always plural, prolific Suxksing) because the minds of the main develop base are warped by the UX, like any other abusive but long-running relationship.

Only, nobody will save Linux. They just cross-grade to the GUI-based UNIX-derivative, Windows NT, aka every Windows since Windows XP, or the other free UNIX derivatives, like FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, or FeeBSD (sold as Mac OS X).




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