I sorta like Linux Mint 17.2, so far.

Prude advisory: strong language (like cunt, fuck, bullshit, and asshole).

I was one of the first people to push for use of Linux in business environments, in Barbados. Back then, it was Debian 1.3. Several Internet Eons later, I’m trying to run a Linux-based system as part of my ML-DS (Micro-Large Development Studio).

So I tried Ubuntu, but it felt too much like it was fun my MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) gurus who just wanted to bilk me out of money in a weak moment.

Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu, and both are based on Debian, so in a sense, this is a return-to-roots.

RedHat is supposed to be better for professionals, but they mean poke-out-your-eye profession-asshole-losers, like Linus (the father of the Linux Kernel, and the benevolent dictator for that part of the GNU/Linux/FOSS/whatever community).

Nowadays, we have Mac OS X. It is based on BSD, which was based on UNIX (R). However, because of lawyers, you can’t call BSD, “UNIX(R)” and the (R) means it is a registered trademark of some cunt or the other.

Rabbits aside, Mac OS X is a slow and stable alternative to Linux, since it is based on the slow and stable BSD distributions. Not sure if NetBSD, FreeBSD, or OpenBSD, or some other BSD.

Berkley may do more for humanity than Standford, but standford has greedier lawyers and is closer to people who have tons of disposable venture capital to fund bullshit like CISCO and Facebook, so that’s why the Atari ST, with build-in MIDI, died, but useless shit like Facebook still lives.

You should add me on facebook, by the way.

*I might sound abusive, but I’m just drunk and talking like a crude street bajan.



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