5 Reasons you Should Start Napping

Five great reasons to nap, backed by science and sound reason.

Sometimes I wish I had a cats life. Not because I am particularly interested in chasing mice, or coughing up hairballs, or because I like the taste of fish. No, it is this soft critters ability to nap that I am envious of. These furry friends are the boss when it comes to napping. And I love a good nap!

I previously worked with a man some time ago who would arrive at work looking like he literally just crawled out of bed… or a rock. He constantly had bags under his eyes, his clothing was always disheveled as was his hair. He was for lack of a better word… a mess. You see he had 3 children under the age of 3. Yes you heard that right, the poor bastard.7075a54b06f5b134c29b617ecfb2748e

I remember being very intrigued by his life at my ripe old age of 21. And one day I asked him…

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