Mindfulness, part 1/3 – present and future yoga

“Be here now” is a mantra of the mindfulness movement. It is a good start, and inspired countless books and essays, and more wordy sayings, but we need to finish the journey of self-actualization, not just start it.

Self-actualization is bringing your aspirations into being, manifested in the actual world, whilst also converting you id-entities into resources which ground you within common, shared time-spaces.

I’ll talk about the id in another essay, and focus here on the yoga of the future, from the awareness of the present moment.

Moments are not static. They are segments of timelines, impulses of flow, spans of time which allow events to begin, end, continue, unfold. Inspiration is given in moments, but aspirations are built down into manifestation over days, if not years.

To seize the moment is to become aware of the potential flows of inspiration and vigor afforded to you; and to grasp onto a flow which is of value, and bring it down to Earth.

Represent inspiration in some way. Dance, write, sing, draw, paint, arrange things, scribble with crayons. Tell a story to yourself yior loved ones.

The development of resident intelligence is a hard science, but it involves the soft aspects of artistic expression and crafting works. Whether this crafting is in words, on something else, depends on your skills, context, tools, supplies, and other facilities afforded to you.

Yet, this development is critical to mastering your future.

Without having resident intelligence, you will be suffering from Sleep-Treatable Un-personal, Pervasive In-formation Dis-order. The contents of your formation will be in disorder, and that will make you STUPID.

I’ve been STUPID a lot, so I want to share ways to overcome that disorder, clean out your formation, and keep it secure against the eight-fold attempts to relapse worse than the first.

What is a formation, anyhow?

The five aspects of the human mind-being are: sensation (or feeling), perception, consciousness, formation, and form (or host bodies). The sixth, hidden aspect, is transcendental, trans-finite spirit pulse-flow (or T’K’n).

You can read at length about those five aspects in Buddhist stuff, but the focus here is on formation: this is you personal, intrinsic database. It also stores insight and essence, however, and not just data. The essence bring meaning (semantics) to the data, making it informative.

The insight lives within your ENS (Enteric Nervous System), and ideally, creates a wet valley overflowing with positive aura. This overflow is called, “eternal waters of youthful vigor”, and is associated with the water and wood elements.

It comes from breaking the rigidity of tradition, starting with a clean slate, and cultivating new living trees of wisdom, love, and mutual respect, fearlessly.

Initiative to grow and develop is important to carry mindfulness into the more advanced form, of continual actualization.

To be yourself, you must not only be here now. You also need to be restful now, and grasp the positive flows now, and exhibit positive production, consolidation, healing, or other gainful activities, now.

Do it the easy way. Take a light yoga attitude to it, but do it, in rest and motion.

Don’t give up on interaction and become only an observer in your own life. That is the way to rank-down to the level of statues and machines, un-persons.

Grow here, develop now.

Easily, restfully, with motion from stance to stance. Selah.




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