Hurry Up and Die More

There’s a YouTube channel talking about the difference between Tamil-Indian legends and what he calls Aryan-India legends. Since the myopic “gnostics” also call themselves members of the Aryan soul group, and the four-element mystery schools also call themselves the Great White brotherhood, and the King James inspired bible also focused on White plus Tetra-grammarian[3] systems (or coinsions[1]), that is a good place to start if we want to clean slate ideology and gain the benefits of religious iconography, without the deficits of either fundamentalism or idolatry.

Lots of tragic things happen to you by the time you reach 23, 35-36[2], 24. Things which make you an young elder, having both modern and ancient wisdoms, and the ability to both love and fight for what is right and upstanding. However, the goal of the three-wing[4] school of oppression is to prevent the inner man from awakening, and replace the rod of personal ethics with control programs of action and position, the hands and feet of their plots. Induced to be pawns in order to do any business, never Royals (as the aqua-Lorde-s love to sing about, whilst collecting royalties).

Doctors call it “activation level”, people adapt to things if “soaked” in it enough.

They call brass, gold, and copper, silver. Mercury becomes a poison to them, rather than the quickening silver that it has been for generations untold.

In Esoterics we call it “drowning James in Herod’s bindings”, or getting people to kill their conscience by expecting bad things to happen.

You don’t only have to “wake up”, but also notice the door open, chains broken, and angel leading you out of the prison — most are too miserable, complacent, blind, lazy by the time the angel (messenger of hope, peace) comes that they just go back to slaving for the Seven Spirits of Wrath, wickedness, ignorance, and darkness (blindness to truth).

So, the saviours are not at fault, but the victims who have resigned to the end, become addicted to sadness, and given up on life and prosperity.
Don’t let those habits of self-hating become infestations within your mind. Remember you are beloved. Love yourself first, and accept the Advocate, help, love, guidance, which comes from mindfulness, restfulness, contemplation, and so forth.
Or else you’ll be just rushing into destruction[2], because you don’t know any better.


  1. Coins, see Constantine for the concept of Mammon the Hel-accountant and debt imposer (loan shark icon) rather than Ha-Satan the accuser (for they are plenty of accusations within nearly every human being, nearly every minute, due to the Wrathful Seven Spirits being poured out by anti-christ system of antagonism within negative 2 by 2 matrices). Sions are Omega-based “Serpent projection cities”.
  2. The success of the Aryan program to induce suicide in over-30 persons who identify as Aryans is now well documented. [ not the best link about it ] ; on an esoteric level this is related to induced Iron Age mentality and the folly carefully constructed malware about the 11th Avatar of Vishnu, Kalki, being the last judge who destroys and rebuilds the world.
  3. The right word is Tetragrammaton, but I spelt it like that for mysterious reasons. You might want to watch EQ (2012). W-JHVH and W-YAVE are both Pentads based on Units plus Tetrads.
  4. W = R + G + B; Unit comprised of the sum of three aspects or parts. A trinity.

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