Unmotivated to beg

So, my brother offered to buy me some equipment when he travels to Miami.

All I had to do was look up model numbers, write them down in an idiot-proof way, and receive the gifts which he would gain credit card travel miles from buying. Wouldn’t cost me financially.

I couldn’t get motivated, no matter how much I need the equipment, it feels too much like begging.

Part of shopping’s fun is knowing you have the capability to buy things.

It might take a while longer but my major bottleneck is indirect (capital/h rather than my-direct-labour \-bound) revenue reception systems, rather than tools for direct labour.

So, I’m sorta meh unmotivated to pursue it about it, even though yes, I need equipment desperately to finish doing projects — projects which I am depending on to get our of the cockroach race (I’m not even profitable enough to be in the rat race).

Some startup advices call this, “raising revenue to ramen(-profitability) levels”. If I wanted to eat ramen, I’d keep a full-time “for the man” job, or get a scholarship and defer the real world for 3-5 years, or even more, rather than building a team of business concerns.

I am doing this to eat steak, possibly at a strip club. Communism isn’t my goal, I don’t wan to be equally poor to the “struggling artists” who live off of Saul’s iceberg of trust funds.

Personal Struggles

The sound that my male member makes seems to have a calming effect on target space, almost like a sonic… well, I can’t say Screwdriver or the Doctor Who folks will sue me, maybe. If they’re Nintendo or Konami enough. #FuCKonami.

Consolidation and EEvolution

With an extra E for more Enthusement.

To be edited more, later.


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