The restful business of business

“El gives his beloved sleep” – Psalms 127, paraphrased.

Affection, or being directly affected by the emotions of others, is a problem, rather than a source of prosperity. It took me a while to realized this, but “Chi Nei Tsang”, by Mantak Chia, was very helpful (incidentally, he sets up teams to edit and write most of his books, which is why they are so good, being the synergy of great parts under a competent leader).

Business is the paradigm through which I see about a third of the world. Intercourse (social, agape, mutual respect, joyful, loving, yior sexual, et al) is another third, and the super-natural nature of living as human beings with host bodies is the third. They may be more paradigm things but I am trying to keep this simple, edible.

You should be able to swallow my words when you come upon them.

Intercourse and business are different paradigms. Trade focuses on profit, but intercourse focuses on energy, mood, encouragement, position, effectiveness of state change.

If you can’t sleep, then they could be many reasons, but the most common is that you aren’t supposed to be asleep. You’re supposed to be developing your mind and emotions so that tomorrow can be better than yesterday.

Not from a position of sorrow, sadness, sadism to hurt others, sad-omens to fear the future, but from a position of safety, assurance, determination, and optimism.

Safety: the LORD keeps the city, even though the watchman must work.

Assurance: you are beloved, unconditionally, although your virtues do determine your rank from the perspective of El-sh-a-dd-ai. Hence, Sh-a-bb-a Rank-s[ions].

Determination: as the world falls like a giant she-bear, decompose it and prosper. Rip it apart with your bare hands.

Optimism: tomorrow will be even better than today, and much better than the sub-part of yesterday which tempts you into sorry, sorrow, sadness, sad mess.

Life is for living, and living more abundantly (prospering).

You don’t need to be Royal Class to know this, nor a Gnostic Mystic to realize this… but you do need to enjoy thinking, rather than be stuck on STUPID: Sleep Treatable Unstable Personality Intrinsic Disorder, which I may have mumbled aloud about before.

This morning, I am up before dawn preparing for a business-building meeting, and working on the final touches for the first part of the Joy of Thinking product set, and the teams needed to stabilize and prosper its manifestation. However, it is all for naught if I don’t have gratitude to the eternal, unbounded, infinite nameless Monad (or over-mind, or trans-mind), rendered as the “Father of Lights”, the Abba that I pray towards and receive vigor, help with virtues development, and encouragement to grow in my own unique way.

The truth is, islands are beings, and ever man (of any gender) who awakens to the consummation with their own loving wisdom, and mansion in the kingdom of divinity (heaven) will find that life simply resounds with joyfulness and plenty, even if you are “dealing with issues”, there will be so many paths forwards that only by continual prayer to the quantum scaler computer that is set up for our help, will we be able to overcome that feeling of too many positive options.

Life is fun, enjoy it, and enjoy thinking.

To be edited later.


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