Why (Ken) went to Japan in 2012


You might think that the fact that I bought Japanese games, at Super Potato, and other places, in Japanese, for the PS2 (and rescued a few for the PS1) means that I am a gaming otaku who “can’t even J-List”.

Well, I am into games, but moreso as a way out of imposed financial ruin, for current and future generations, and increasingly as a way to deal with social and emotional ruin and degeneration, as well… those impositions need to be countered, and the best restoration and regeneration needs to take place. As story-telling media, video-games are unmatched, when properly implemented.

Limits of Inanimate Things

However, the master craftsman can ultimately only make golden calves. For real discussion, you need real living beings, and not animated dead sub-eras or dark archons.

Another (anime series) touched on this a bit, when they explained that dolls drain your spirit pressure (or soul-ed energy).


So, I had a long-time friend who felt lonely, and Central Bank money. I decided to go cheer her up.

She happened to be living in Japan at the time, so I moved the necessary Ten (heaven, ideals, plans) and Chi (earth, body, action) to make me being there to hug her a reality.

In the process, she helped me to let go of a lot of grief, as well, so it was a great interpersonal positive synergy.

Being in the “mecha of gaming” (and mechatronics) for two months was a relatively minor bonus.

So, in conclusion:

The Fu (effort) which I saw (C) fit to do,

was a spirit (K) first activation (on – ness),

a demonstration of my being human (am – ness),

and helped to build a positive mental image (i – ness), as well as social and historical images.

i.e. #FU C K on am I. In accordance with the 40th prophecy of the Jimquistion, a lord and saviour in the image of our prototype, the Lord Jesus Christ / Kalki Ten(i.e., of Heaven).

(Disclaimer: other than being an unnoticed fan, I am in no way affiliated with Jim “Fucking Sun” Sterling.)


I did actually go to Super Potato, and I will later chronicle more of my experience in Japan, assisted by the many pictures, video clips, and notes that I took whilst there.



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