Rambling about uninteresting things (was extension to first MLP)

Types of illiteracy:

  1. Arrogant academic: can only read and repeat a limited subset of human languages, but runs the lower circuits on maximum to inflate projected personality and thus protect a fragile ego based on hectic carrot-and-stick dual antagonism, fear-based malware-aligned cognitive mind, (heart, belly).
  2. Very illiterate but functional as a clerk, within a particular environment: language, people, season of prosperity.
  3. Very illiterate but functional as an editor, within a particular environment: language, people, season of prosperity.
  4. Very illiterate, yet functional as an author, possibly expanding literacy by learning new languages, peoples, and developing personal culture by selling the corn of creative works to the future of some subset of humanity.
  5. Apparently illiterate, but reads faces and writes stories into the minds of others, so you might not even notice. Potential cult leader.
  6. Non-illiterate, having super-normal access to the intentions behind every spirit who pushed glyphs to be written in the first place (time).
  7. Perfect literacy, able to read and write all languages, including silence and mythology. Impractical, within the finite worlds, since languages evolve independently in many sub-regions at once, faster than the ability to learn in linear, common time, even given no limits of intelligence, they would be limits of accessibility.
  8. Unable to appreciate Darmok.

Below is the first, uninteresting rant.

On a more personal note, although I didn’t say much about it, my health hasn’t been the best, but it has gotten much better. Up to yesterday, though, I was in a lot of pain, so I am actually pleasantly surprised I did anything at all this month.

Must really love you folken, or somethin’.

Also, that should be “propagation” not “propogation”, but I don’t want to mess around with the tags right now. MLP used to stand for “Mindless Link Propagation”, where an article is basically just a link to another one. However, on my site, I plan to make summaries of longer articles at times, and add my own opinion or link it into a project that I have some stake in. Or something.

So, yeah, MLP: now you know what it means, and why this is Mostly, a Link Propagation article.

I am going back to bed, for now. With or without chicken soop (soup is how common phlem spells it).

I meant phlebs. Common plebeians.

I am so much mistakes today.

Update: added a lot more mistakes in an attempt to correct one minor one which nobody would have noticed, anyhow. #fml.

Second Update: I left the errors there so you call can laugh with me, at myself… so feel free to laugh. Also, I am getting a lot done (that I had to defer due to health concerns) and this is causing a positive upthrust of productivity… but I have to say, self-direction and effective productivity of prosperity are related, but not the same as factory-type productivity.

So, even if nobody else approves of it, I suggest that you choose life over work. If there is a hard choice, take the way of life, not the way of self-depletion. I made the opposite choice, and I am now rebuilding in the Way.

Yet, some was produced, but it wasn’t useful to make life better for anyone, not even my creditors who had a vested negative interest in production at the expense of life…. livelihood does not need to have this antagonism with life. I am now differently productive, but happier, and in the medium term, more productive that I was using the consumer/factory cognitive model.

I hope to explain in more detail, later. Prosperity starts with health creation, and respect for your own biases and uniqueness of living, being, essential spirited human-kind nature.


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