A quick rant about time investments

Some people are currently investing a lot of time (and effort) in strikes, protests, and study of ancient texts, with a hope that they can read the signs of the times, and restore the past apparent stability.

I would say that the past is like copper and brass: less valuable than silver, gold, pearls (of wisdom).

Silver represents skills, which can be employed towards trade and profit.

Gold, represents eternal talents: virtues (for example, courage, spontaneousness, compassion), intelligence kinds (for example, having “perfect pitch” or “great, accurate intuition”). Psalms and proverbs may be useful in developing these, as they challenge you to think metaphorically, and cultivate coherence betwixt the neo prefrontal cortex, heart, central channel, belly (enteric nervous system or ENS), and core.

Pearls represent the ability to do various things. For example, language skills, self-defense skills, carpentry and other skills.

In these short paragraphs, I think I have given you more potential time effectiveness than antagonizing the system will. In the future, I will elaborate, but right now, they are several ways to build a better future.

It requires you to let go of the past, though, and have the courage to make a new plan. Things change, but with wisdom of way and flow, the changes can always be converted for the betterment of you and yours.

Yes, ancient scriptures can help, but if you make them useful, not if you follow them. Their time is long gone, and language has changed, so unless you are a time lord, find something more modern and relevant to your actual goals. Don’t hide in the weak comfort of dogma, at the expense of the persistent comfort of knowing what greatness you, and a team of like minded persons (even if just your future self, past self, and present self), can accomplish.


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