Memories of what never was (2006)

The 40th year of the Prince of the Kingdom of Division was the year he came to the halls of the Eleventh Mystery School.

There, he met Kalki, who held a flaming sword, looking fierce, and ranting on about the coming of a new world from the ashes of the old one.

“Kalki,” said the Prince, “you seem to be a tad bit angry and impatient. Why is this?”

Kalki began ranting about the reverse progress of humanity, and the need to start anew.

“But, Kalki, they have no leaders,” said the Prince.

“I left my Vedas,” said Kalki. “Why do they not read them and gain understanding?”

“They have become sealed against comprehension,” the Prince said. “In accordance with the sub-aeon of darkness, which affect all but those who returned from Mercury, Venus, or Saturn.”

Kalki paused to consider this for a moment.

“Fine. I will not destroy the Earth. However, those who have turned from the Platonic Planets, returning to Earth with this celestial golden superb-stance, must teach their wealth of knowledge to the masses, so that all may enter into the reformation of the common sphere: the planet Earth, in its plans and time-lines.”

The Prince felt that he had done well to negotiate this alternative path of evolution.

However, he could not bear to destroy his own Kingdom.

Division was the way of fostering strong individuals… how could his people live, if they found unity? Such a concept! Even if he wanted such a way to become popular, he had no way of turning his work in the direct opposite way of what he had established.

Thus, he visited the King of Kings, who was currently carving a wooden statue.

“I thought that they were no graven images allowed in your culture,” said the Prince.

The King scoffed. “Those people were not my people, only the people to whom I was sent. Those who do my will are my people, as I have expounded time and time again, in all seasons, in normal and over-time.”

“Well, then, how can I become a Prince of Growth, whilst ruling over the Kingdom of Division?” asked the mature prince, who was preparing to enter into a higher level of revelation of mysteries, and real ministry to real people.

“As a Prince of the Earth, you are subject to the Principalities of the Air. First go within yourself, and find the Sovereignty. For we are all Kings within the domain of the Kingdom of Heaven, and our concerns are the life and prosperity of all who are living human beings, not the traditions of men, nor the customs of culture.”

End of Short Story.


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