Education, part 3

Well, the point of education is three-fold:

  1. Create prosperity
  2. Express uniqueness
  3. Allow for clear communication (effective, three trips: transmission, reception and interpretation, confirmation of comprehension)

I want to expand a bit on this, but first, let me mention some concepts which other people have built going concerns or projects around:

  1. Play and rest are both vital to maturity of human beings, especially at young ages, but at any age. The modern Leviathan of education and industry are effectively prisons which prevent sufficient mental and emotion growth.
  2. They are schools and schooling systems which offer alternatives, and they tend to be both more cost-efficient and time-effective than traditional schools at promoting growth
  3. There is a growing interest in self-education for mature persons
  4. Employment can be a form of paid training, and seed experience for self-education
  5. The techniques used for training factory workers and soldiers are not effective in fostering well-balanced members of human society. Officer training and related educational tracts are an example of using an existing system to gain a better, more holistic result: many people gained non-military skills from the military which helped society to prosper.

Hopefully, I will get back to this soon, but it is still not likely before next year.


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