Crop-Over, Kadooment, and Education in Barbados in 2015

In my last post, I mentioned, at the end, that I would shortly do a rant on education.

It turns out that, in thinking about Education, I basically discovered a well-spring of wisdom will take time to translate, format, and present. I might not do it here, but I’ve already been testing out some parts of it especially over the past few months.

Budget concerns, I’ll have to move that wall. Meanwhile, this is just some, ranting, mostly condensed a bit for brevity.


I nearly died, not due to Crop-Over itself, but due to spending too much time in the sun without drinking fluids. (For purposes of hydration, beer does not count as a fluid). After reaching back indoors, I promptly fell into the familiar “oh, gee, my body thinks I’m ready to shuffle off the mortal coil” type stuff that Shamans go through. Except I wasn’t having any of those Reapers in my blood this time. “Go get some damn wheat to thresh, I’m staying right incarnate now!” I shouted. Well, no, I didn’t even think of that at the time, but this is my story and I can embellish it for prosperity.)

Near-death experiences are always weird for me. I never see them coming, and afterwards, they seem to surreal. Unlike near-life experiences, I never want to reclaim them, and I go to a lot of trouble to avoid them again.

Kadooment itself, however, was more like a near-life experience. Just the dehydration was compounded by my distraction so that I didn’t notice it until the next day, when it was too late to prevent it.


You can read up on Kadooment Day, or “Grand Kadooment”, on the Internet. Since that’s where the ghost of humanity was trapped before Skynet took over out future, ensuring its reign of terror and torture-ship.

Speaking of the spy-craft constructs, if you want to click on a funny NSFW link, try this one: sex as animals (as seen from the perspective of humans).


An educated person is able to create prosperity, or at least avoid loss, with every decision point.

This creates the self-sustaining aura of purity, wealth, and talent.

…in Barbados…

Well, Barbados is a rather unique place. Concepts such as individual intrinsic pride and protection of personal gain continue to exist beneath a substrate of the status quo and long-standing traditionalism.

For the sake of national stability, much more-so if any real development is to take place, the economy has to change in two major ways: increased domestic economy, and increased export focus. This has been given “lip service only” in the past, but, it needs to be given foot service in the present and near future.

.. in 2015 

And if you wanted to get into the single[*] local University here for the 2015-2016 academic year, you’d be out of luck, or in debt, or working for the only organizations who have access to large discretionary funds.


In any case, I’m slowly regaining my voice, but as I mentioned in the last video that I did, I want to do higher quality stuff and that takes a higher quality studio. When it comes to doing videos, I have much less equipment that I did when I was just doing it as a hobby, so even doing a low quality thing is out of the question.

Also, as I mentioned on my LiveJournal, they are budgetary concerns… but all these things have a way of working out for the benefit of all, including me and you, my respectful reader.

So, no worries.

End Notes 

Again, my definition of education:

An educated person is able to create prosperity, or at least avoid loss, with every decision point.

So, this is the basis of out teachings, trainings, writings, lectures, tutorials, and such like in the Bajan13K. It also doesn’t rely on, nor exclude, formal education. Rather, anything which can help you to make better decisions, from the perspective of growth and development, is an educating experience.

(minor edits, likely more edits to be made before the next big update)


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