Minor Links (and Education, Part 1)

I wanted to do some writing on various issues, but, I’m actually over-whelmed. Also, I made a classic mistake, which I’ll share with you so that you don’t make it, and so that we can laugh together when I make it again (I won’t laugh at you, though. I have manners): I realized that a project was behind. Instead of simply writing up a new timetable, I somehow slipped into “under-bridge cognitive delusion”; i.e. I “trolled” myself into thinking about these three things:

  1. problems with society (social concerns)
  2. cheering myself up with tasty things (pursuit of pleasure)
  3. ranting for hours about the problems, but not actually shifting solutions onto the board of imagination (empty riches)

Here’s what I should have done:

  1. Focused on my role in improving my own subjective experience of life (personal-entity concerns, being incarnate in this moment, upon the background of this common calendar day)
  2. Focused on making myself more powerful (i.e. in control of myself and what is within my borders), overfull with virtue, vigor, and vitality, by various activities such as rest and transformation production (engagement in living)
  3. Focusing on the next little step I could do towards creation of the world, or at least, zone, that I want to inhabit now and in the future (ever-lasting riches or wealth of wealth creation)

Okay, so, this blog post actually does all three of the latter things. It is a little step forwards, it generate positive energy both within and around me, and I only was about to do it because I got some rest. Furthermore, I realize that my role is not to fix problems but to create products which I can buy now, with my time and concentration, or you can buy later, with your time, and possibly money of various forms (cash, attention, et al).

Now, the “minor links”:

… more later…


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