Future Me Is an Idiot, and I’m an Asshole

I really dig the last, illustrative graphic. Of course, to solve this, you travel out of time, then backwards, doing things now which remind you of how much fun they were to do in the future. Thus you feed instant gratification with self-fulfilling prophecies which become greater memories and experiences through positive synergy of self and the prosperity agenda available to living human beings. Just don’t die in the process, or it all fails horribly and someone has to reboot something, or worse.
To help gaining these time-travel skills, eating sweets works, but don’t overdo it or the pancreas will complain and such. Potatoes (not chips, actual potatoes) are better sources of starch. Rice or bread will do in a pinch. Even fruits, in a hurry. I am not a nutritionist. Don’t sue me. Please.


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